650-177 - SMBAM - SMB Solutions for Account Managers

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Example Questions

If has a problem with the hardware, which two options does the Cisco SMRTnet Contract Offer?( Choose two.) What is the name of the Cisco industry-leading small business unified communications solution? Which two features are included under the Cisco SMB Support Assistant? ( Choose two.) Which Cisco Small Business router features a 4-port Fast Ethernet integrated switch but not wireless capabilities? Which two options are benefits of the Cisco Software Support? (Choose two.) What are two of the implementation ratings found in the SBR Value Assessment? (Choose two.) Which Cisco Small Business wireless product can be used to connect the network of a sales office to a warehouse in the building across the parking lot? What are two benefits of the Cisco TAC? (Choose two.) Which two options are benefits of the Cisco Technical Assistance Center? (Choose two.) If needs to sign a contract that includes infrastructure design, deployment, support services and applications, what would be the best option? What is the primary purpose of IPS? If a small business customer wants to install a Cisco network-attached storage solution that provides a 2-Gigabit Ethernet interface and allows up to 16 FTP users, which model would you suggest? Which two management-software applications can you use to manage the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series Switches? (Choose two.) What is a consequence of installing a Cisco End-to-End Solution? Which Cisco program supports the building and sustaining of a profitable small business practice by providing a breadth of products and services designed for your customer's needs? What are two security features of the Cisco Secure Router 500 Series? (Choose two.) What are two characteristics a managed Cisco Small Business Switch when recommending it over an unmanaged switch? (Choose two.) MightyResearch indicated that a significant percentage of SMBs are concerned about which factor in a UC solution? Which two functions does Cisco Configuration Assistant provide? (Choose two.) What are two advantages that the Cisco SA 520 all-in-one UTM security device has over implementing a typical router in a small business network? (Choose two.) How many licenses for SSL remote access VPN are included with the standard purchase of a Cisco SA 520 all-in-one UTM security device? wants to connect Cisco IP Phones and Cisco Aironet Access Points to the network. The customer also wants to use the PoE features included in the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series Switches. Which two models can provide this features? (Choose two.) What are two benefits for the Cisco Partner, derived from the Cisco SBR Methodology? (Choose two.) What are two benefits of clustered access points on a small business network using the Cisco 500 Series Access Point? (Choose two.) What are two ways in which the use of a Cisco ASA 5505 protects a small business website? (Choose two.) What are two components of the discovery guide in the Cisco SBR sales approach? (Choose two.) How does the Cisco Small Business Pro Service differ from the Cisco Small Business Pro warranty? Which two are elements of the operational-efficiency business challenge? (Choose two.) Which Cisco support service product targets customers with up to 48 users on a network where voice communication is mission-critical to business operation? What Wi-Fi 802.11 standards are supported on the Cisco SRP 500 Series? What is an important difference between the Cisco Small Business Support Center and the Cisco Small Business Support Community? Which two are characteristics of the cost-containment business challenge? (Choose two.) Which two features are unique to SPA 525 phones compared to SPA 501, SPA 502, and SPA 508 phones? (Choose two.) For which of the following campus LAN Areas is the Cisco Catalyst 500 Series switch most suitable? What resource would you recommend to a new Cisco partner for a variety of tools? How many users does the Cisco Unity Express Solution Support When installed in the Cisco 2800 Family? Cisco Small Business Switches are specifically engineered for the small business customer. What are two characteristics common to Cisco Small Business Switches? (Choose two.) A distribution area provides an aggregation point for which components? What two technologies do SMB customers most often want to implement in the future? (Choose two.) What is the primary benefit of Single Number Reach? SMB network decision makers commonly site which of the following as typical network requirements? What is a primary partner benefit of selling services? The Cisco Smart Business Communications System offers support of third-party applications. What is the primary purpose of the VeraSMART application? Which of the following is a new product that is included in the Cisco SMB Support Assistant? Customer concerns about technology maturity, cost effectiveness, quality of work life, and increased productivity and accuracy drive product demand in which SMB technology sector? What is the name of the Cisco small business sales framework? When delivering the results of a Solutions Recommendation, which two of the following components should be included in the solutions presentation? (Choose two.) What solution would you recommend to a small business customer that requires high-bandwidth connectivity and strong security? Which three characteristics are indicators that a potential SMB customer is in the SBR-defined growth phase? (Choose three.) Identity authentication, protocol encryption, secure guest access, voice over WLAN features, and a small device footprint are all highlights of what product in the wireless technology market?