650-173 - SBCSAM - Smart Business Communication Systems for Account Managers

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Example Questions

What is the primary benefit of Cisco Smart Assist? If a customer objects that the SBCS solution is too expensive, what are two response areas to highlight? Select two. What needs to be done for an out-of-box setup of the Cisco CE520? The Cisco 521 Wireless Express Access Point used in the Smart Business Communications System can be configured to operate in which mode? What does Cisco SMARTnet provide? Who are two Key competitors in the SMB market? (Choose two) What are two connection options for local Cisco Configuration Assistant deployment? (Choose two) Which two CRM servers allow Cisco Unified Call Conector to be configured for connectivity? What Cisco CE520 feature optimizes quality of service? Which two benefits will a client see from adding a wireless LAN Controller to their Smart Business Communications System? (Choose two) What is a useful tool to get solution requirements and pricing in the sales process? Which application plays a part in the deployment of Cisco device managers in a network? What describes the consultative sales process for SMB's for Unified communications? When creating demand with business decision makers, which two SMB challenges should be your fous? What resource would you recommend to a new Cisco partner for a variety of tools? Which two functions does the Cisco Configuration Assistant provide? (Choose two) The Cisco UC520 provides integrated WLAN connectivity to mobile clients for which technology? What are two ways you can build credibility with decision makers?