650-127 - Cisco Connected Grid (Engineer) Knowledge Verification

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Example Questions

How long did Cisco test the CGR 2010 at 85'C? Which of the following is the best way to open a TAC case? What GRWIC module is available for CGR2010? How many power supply slots are available on each Cisco CGR 2010 chassis? How many types of power supply are available for CGS and CGR products? Which feature is supported by Cisco License Manager3.0? What is Cisco's overall vision in the Smart Grid market? Which of these is a network requirement for remote workforce management? Information available for MODBUS? Which Cisco IOS software packages are not supported on the Cisco CGR 2010? Which one of these matches current Cisco Connected Grid solution applications? Which option is NOT one of the business drivers behind trends in the Global Energy Market? Which of these is a grouping of elements that are part of the Cisco Substation Automation solution? Which of these is part of mission critical substation? Which two data flows are used with Substation Automation with GOOSE? Cisco recommends that you always start to populate the Cisco CGR 2010 from which slot? What is the benefit of phasor measurement unit data? Which statement about the CGR2010 is correct? Which trend is driving the move toward Smart Grid? Which of the following is not a supported PDI Help Desk function? What will happen when only one power supply is ordered for each CGS or CGR? Why is the blank cover needed when there is only one power supply in use? What is the function of security event data processed in real time for incident response and threat management? How many types of licenses are available for the Cisco CGR 2010? Which of the following models supports Power over Ethernet? By 2015, how big is the Smart Grid market estimated to be (Pike Research estimate}? How many types of SMARTnet services are available for CGS and CGR products? Which function is available on the Cisco Series 2500 Connected Grid Switch? Which solution will allow remote engineering support for trouble or fault analysis? What version of Cisco Configuration Professional support CGR and CGS products? How many types of smart port macros are available for the Cisco CGS 2500? Which product is included in the Cisco Smart Grid product offerings? What is the correct warranty coverage on Cisco Connected Grid products? Which statement is correct concerning Goose messaging? Why is IEC 61850 important within the energy / utility industry? What are the two different types of console ports available? (Choose two.) Which section of NERC-CIP specifies physical security requirements? What is the correct time delay for a critical GOOSE Type-1 message? What are features controlled on the Cisco CGR 2010? Which two can use the Smart Grid PDI Help Desk? (Choose two.) Hat is the most common deployment network requirement for precise timing distribution?