650-032 - Mobile Internet Technology for Account Managers

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Example Questions

Which option is standard technology for migration to LTE? Which services can help you define, engineer, and optimize networks? Which feature allows the MITG to provide industry-leading reliability? What is the main benefit provided by the MITG integrated intelligence platform? Which feature is one of the main features offered by Cisco Smart Services? Which level of Smart Services takes care of easy remote repairs? What is the unique differentiator that sets cisco SGSN apart from competitors? A customer is looking for proactive diagnostic capabilities. Which cisco service should you recommend? What is the long term vision of packet core solution? EPC is multi access by nature. Which protocol does it include? What is the Cisco ASR 5000 operating system software based on? Which competitor is the current market leader, but is losing share to MITG? Which key components of the CDMA solution make it different from UMTS? Which company is a primary competitor of MITG? Which service do most customers currently use? Which option helps to define activities that are needed to successfully deploy and operate Cisco technologies? Your customer responds with the objection: "port folio rationalization has not occurred? In what two ways to subscribe-aware stateful firewalls compliment internet firewalls? Your customer wants to streamline their support staff. Which cisco services should you recommend? What type of card fit into the front of Cisco ASR 5000 chassis? Which option is one of the biggest benefits of the EPC architecture? Which card in the Cisco ASR 5000 provides connectivity for local and remote management and for CO alarming? Which cisco technical service is used to resolve approximately 80% of network issues and can be accessed without opening a case? Which new architecture did Cisco competitors develop to bypass SGSN? MITG can help customers signaling costs by 30% because it combines two common technologies. Which two technologies are combined to achieve this result? Which of these competitors employ a "win-at-all-costs" approach to sales? Which feature is a key benefit of Cisco ASR 5000 platform? Which benefit of LTE will help operators meet their individual deployment needs? Which card has the resources to run multiple services? What advantage does Cisco have over Nokia Siemens in the marketplace? What did cisco create to address the issues raised with SGSNs with put removing the direct tunnels? Which company offers seamless migration to 4G? What is one main benefit os MITG inline services? Which two features are benefits of CDMA? (Choose two) Which two capabilities are the parts of MME solution? (Choose two) In which key performance measure does Cisco consistently out perform its competition? Which feature is the back bone of MITG distributed architecture?