650-027 - Cisco Digital Media System for SE/FE

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Example Questions

Which statement is true about the difference between analog and digital video? Which of the following is not Digital Media System module? Streaming live video to multiple clients is best accomplished by using which transmission method? Which format is the best MPEG2 format for delivery of digital video over a network where data loss is imminent? Which of the following is not an authentication mode of DMS? When you first plug in the DMP and connect it to the network there are two lights illuminated on the front panel, red and green. If the red lights does not go out, and stays illuminated, what has happened? Which is not a common analog video format? In the Digital Media Designer the RSS ticker object can only be assigned to one type of object. What is that object? In chroma sub-sampling a value of 4:4:4 means the video is compressed at what percent? A digital picture is made up of picture elements called: Most video professionals work in a 10-bit digital video environment that has: Which is not a digital television standard? Interlacing is used to What is the standard definition of video? The Cisco DMP 4305G comes with how much on-board storage? The most common compression algorithm for DVD's and HD video is? What is codec? Which is not a common analog television format? You can export questions from the Question Administrator to which of the following formats? For video to be stored on a DVD or hard drive the video must first be converted to what? At a variable bit rate DVD has an average of What is the minimum recommended frame rate for a movement to appear natural? The DME Line of encoders are primarily used for? The Live Event Module is compatible with which line of encoders? Corporations use Video for all of the following except: The Cisco Enterprise TV module has all of the following accept? Which component of the DMS system sends SNMP traps to third party management systems?