650-026 - Cisco Digital Media System for Account Manager

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Example Questions

The Cisco video portal does not support which feature below: Since the market introduction of the Cisco Digital Media System, in how many different market verticals has it been successfully positioned? Which module in the sales training series provides an example DMS sales overview presentation? Which is not a function of Enterprise TV? What is the difference between Advanced Technology and Emerging Technology at Cisco? Cisco's digital media system is flexible and can be programmed to integrate which of the following applications and technologies? Which of these are not components of the Cisco DMS product portfolio? What does ETPRC stand for? The Digital Media System ecosystem is a broad, varied, and dynamic group of partners who can help: Displays are now part of the Cisco Digital Media System offering. Which is not a size we support? Which Cisco DMS solution(s) can use hand held remote control to select content? In sales training module 1 the presenter describes an Exabyte as: What statement is true about the difference between analog and digital video? Which is not a feature of the Cisco video portal repots module? In the Appliance vs. PC matrix the PC consumes and average of _________ watts per year. Which of the following is not considered a digital signage retail business driver? Which of the following is not a benefit of the Digital Media Manager? Which of these is not a business video solution available from Cisco? Which of these is not an academic benefit when positioning DMS into the Education vertical? Corporations use Video for all of the following except; Which is not a technology of tomorrow for Digital Signage? Which is not considered a business driver for DMS when targeting the Sports and Entertainment vertical? What are names of the 3 solutions supported on the DMS platform today? The Education vertical is adopting Cisco Digital Media System primary for which of the following solution(s): What is the maximum resolution for the Cisco Digital Media System displays? Which is not a benefit of the Cisco Digital Media Player? What statement is true about why video is important to Cisco? Which of the following is not a business video driver? Which is not a business video driver for Digital Signage? In-Store retail purchasing decisions are reduced by what percentage when customers view digital signage? What is the standard definition of Video? What is the correct order of the Digital Signage technology evolution? For video to be stored on a DVD or Hard Drive the video must first be converted to what?