648-375 - Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers

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Example Questions

Which statement about electronic programmable logic device image upgrades A customer is deploying a wireless core feature set using autonomous access points and requires Layer 2 roaming. What is a requirement when deploying this solution? Updates to a customer's billing system will require message transformations using several data sources. Which of the following is a best practice for allowing the Broker to access these data sources under WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker? Which three of the following protocols are firs-hop redundancy protocols? (Choose three.) A customer has deployed a wireless core feature set using autonomous access points and now wants to include a satellite building 4,500 feet away from the main campus. The customer also wants to provide wireless access to a courtyard for wireless clients in close proximity to the antenna mounting position. Which Cisco Aironet product is the most applicable solution? Which three of the following statements are true regarding the design of a technical solution? (Choose three.) Which statement about the capabilities of the Cisco AnyConnect 3.0 Secure Mobility Client for Windows is true? You are planning to connect your three branch offices to the corporate site via Frame Relay. The first branch office has been assigned the network, the second, the third, and the corporate headquarters uses You would like to summarize all branch and corporate networks into a single route at the corporate site. Which network address and subnet mask should you choose? A proof of concept is running on a uni-processor Windows 2000 system in which persistent messages must access a DB2 UDB database under an XA Unit of Work. Which of the following actions MUST be performed to set this up? Until all outstanding replies have arrived, AggregateReply node messages: An application might receive its data from multiple clients. Each of those clients sends the data to a different queue. Most clients send data in the company's standard business object format, but some older clients use a different data format. New clients are added frequently with no guarantee that they will use the same data format. Which of the following mechanisms is the MOST appropriate for promoting reuse of the logic to build the output data format? Which statement concerning the Active/Active failover feature is correct? Which two of the following are unique advantages of the PD/PSE Cisco Catalyst Compact Switches? (Choose two.) Database nodes in message flows can be configured to use separate userids as long as: A wireless assisted site survey cannot optimize_____. What is one key objective of the operations readiness assessment performed in the plan phase? A WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker environment consists of one Configuration Manager, one User Name Server and three brokers defined within one collective. A WebSphere MQ environment consists of two cluster repositories to support the WebSphere MQ cluster, which in turn provides the intercommunication for the WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker collective. What is the minimum number of WebSphere MQ queue managers that must be defined to support this environment? A Cisco Catalyst switch can belong to how many VTP domains? A banking customer wants strict control of changes to their production environment by isolating their development, test and production environments. This ensures that no changes can be implemented in the production environment by the development or test teams. Only one broker is required for production. Which of the following procedures and minimum broker domain definition provides this control? Which two statements are true when designing a new technical solution? (Choose two.) Which network management solution performs configuration, monitoring, and management of Cisco Firewall, VPN router, and IPS devices as well as maintains network device inventory and software distribution features? Which three are advantages of Cisco Prime LMS? (Choose three.) You are working with a company that has an infrastructure based on lightweight access points using the advanced feature set. A new security requirement demands real-time asset tracking for 800 assets. Which product or solution will provide this function? Which CiscoWorks component would most help you locate end-station connections at the access switch level quickly? In the design phase, which service component provides the customer with a comprehensive design? Which three are benefits of a Cisco Borderless Network that go beyond TCO calculation? (Choose three.) What is used to avoid power drops and running power to access points? Which statement about scalability in Cisco OTV is true? Which two statements about the capabilities of all Cisco AnyConnect 3.0 Secure Mobility Client for Windows are true? (Choose two.) What are the two business benefits of a BYOD solution? (Choose two.) Which three statements accurately describe the evolution of the workplace and the importance of the network? (Choose three.) Which three are benefits of a Cisco Borderless Network that go beyond a TCO calculation? (Choose three.) Which of these statements regarding Cisco's WebVPN support is correct? What are the two benefits of the "one policy" approach in the Cisco Unified Access solution? (Choose two.) Which three are the benefits of the Cisco SecureX architecture? (Choose three.) Which of the following will convert null terminated, colon-delimited input strings into an XML output message? Which two options show the correct associations of use cases with VPN technologies? (Choose two.) Which two of these statements describe important aspects of performing a wireless site survey? (Choose two.) Your company plans to implement a wireless core feature set using autonomous access points. When choosing the access points, what is required for the customer to implement WDS? Which three of the following statements correctly describe the benefits of Cisco routers as an important part of the Cisco Borderless Network? (Choose three.) When implementing source control for files within the Message Brokers Toolkit, which of the following statements is true? Which two statements correctly describe Cisco Validated Designs and Smart Business Architecture? (Choose two.)? Which of the following is a valid solution when sending data to three different MQe Queue Managers? Which two of these statements best describe the benefits of WPAv2? (Choose two.) Which of these is an accurate list of Cisco Lifecycle Services phases? A company has its legacy formats as either 'C' header files or COBOL copybooks. After they have been imported, and the message definition files are complete, the message set can then be generated in a form that can be used by an application. Which of the following formats will the WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker NOT be able to generate? Which Cisco switches support MACsec? What should you keep in mind when working with antennas? Which two of these statements best describe the benefits of the Cisco Compatible Extensions Program? (Choose two.) In which of these phases is a detailed design of a proposed customer solution developed?