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Example Questions

Which industry group is attempting to set criteria for data classification? Which two components fall within the Cisco SONA framework application services? (Choose two.) Which action will provide high availability and reliability in the data center? What provides an end-to-end solution for data center technologies? For Enterprise Customers with HPC Server Clusters, What can be used to handle unexpected traffic increases? Which statement best describes the relationship between CapEx, OpEx, TCO? Which two technology areas cover all aspects of data center operations? (Choose two.) Which Storage Technology Groups arrays of disks to increase throughput, reliability or both? Which Cisco Module allows faster deployment and migration of applications through greater control over the application infrastructure? Which deployment is best suited to the Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switch? Which groups in the data center are the chief drivers for goals such as productivity, agility and resilience? Which method allows remote networks to be analyzed centrally? Which two services does Cisco provide to assist in Business Continuity? (Choose two.) Which Cisco Program Expands on the normal product testing done by Cisco Product Development? Which Data Center Criteria is most influenced by the VP of sales and marketing? Which budget are has been the traditional driving force in data center deployments? The Following Configuration is represented by a Customer:Cisco Catalyst 6506 SwitchesCSMsIntegrated discrete Cisco PIX Firewalls Which two arguments will best upsell to a Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch with ACE and FWSM? (Choose two.) Which product can be used to provide high-speed connectivity to a secondary data center? Which product virtualizes security within a server farm? Which Solution would you recommended for IP address limitation? What is the primary reason for using optical networking in the data center? Which combination of Cisco Data center products will best achieve secure access for applications? A CFO determines that the performance of the order entry application must be improved at the branch offices. What are two potential Cisco Solutions? (Choose two.) Which two questions can be used to determine the time frame for deploying the initial data center upgrade?(Choose two.) A Customer needs better performance for in-house e-learning courses taken at branch locations. An extra T1 circuit will be added to every branch. Which two additional technologies or services will be most helpful? (Choose two.) A Bank CIO wants to provide the RTO for business continuance. Which two Cisco Products might be a part of your proposal? (Choose two.) Which IT domain defines the workgroups, process, standards and policies of the data center? Which product can consolidate branch office servers to the SODC to ensure full business continuance? Which statement is the key advantage of Cisco Catalyst Blade Switches? A Particular Data Center Consists of the Following:RoutersNonModular Cisco Catalyst SwitchCisco PIX FirewallsCisco CSS 11506 Content Services Switches Which two products will ease the introduction of a new application? (Choose two.) A Customer is concerned about application deployment disruption. What would be the impact of an upgrade from CSS to ACE and ANM? Which three advantages will most likely result from the Cisco Data Center Network Architecture? (Choose three.) Which two products work together to reduce the network provisioning for new applications? (Choose tow.) Which Management tool automates application delivery modifications? Which product feature is a major selling point of the Cisco MDS 9000 Series SSM? A Virus brought down the network of your client of three hours. Immediate, complete deployment of an embedded, self-defending network has been mandated. Which three solutions would you suggest? (Choose three.) What is the most likely benefit from selecting high-performance switches with proper bandwidth scaling? An order entry system is being upgraded and centralized. Existing branch Servers are being removed. Which three Cisco products will most likely be utilized? (Choose three.) Which Service Offerings are most likely to be pursued by commercial Customers? Which protocol retrieves and pushes management information to networked devices? Which statement best explains why the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series is both highly configurable and customizable? Which Policies are dynamically linked to policy-based provisioning? A Customer carries backup tapes to the DR site for daily server updates. Which two questions would you ask to determine if SANTap would be a good addition? (Choose two.) Typically, data centers are challenged by:CostApplication Service levelBusiness Responsiveness Which technology or service can best help a customer address these key issues? When would you use a Cisco SFS 7000 Series InfiniBand Server Switch Combined with a Cisco SFS 3000 Series Multifabric Server Switch to provide Stability in the data center? Which three Cisco Products could be used to protect confidential information on the network? (Choose three) Which two expenditure areas will most likely be reduced with proper modular data center design? (Choose two.)