646-588 - AWLANAM - Advanced Wireless LAN for Account Managers Exam

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Example Questions

Without an access point infrastructure in place, schools might equip lassroom-in-a-cart?computers with embedded wireless cards and which of the following? An enterprise company provides securities trading services primarily online and by telephone. Employees work in a fast-paced, demanding environment with constant change and high stress levels. The IT manager emphasizes that productivity is crucial. Brokers need to move about the office to get real-time access to news and stock information without being required to sit at a desk and without losing network connectivity. Which network management feature of a Cisco enterprise WLAN solution would fulfill the goals of the IT manager? Which method was devised to mitigate the 802.11 security issues and requires the next-generation Advanced Encryption Standard? What is the best response to a university administrator who is complaining about the high IT costs that are associated with changing a classroom to a different building across the campus? The Cisco 2000 and 4400 Series wireless LAN controllers are essential components at which layer of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network? What is the best response to an IT director at a retail operation who is concerned about keeping track of high-value inventory? The IT manager at a clothing retail chain is interested in securing credit card transactions in the retail stores because the chain is losing customers due to the inability to provide this service. Which question deals with the most critical issue? Which security protocol is both an inherently flawed, one-way, device-centric form of authentication and a 40-bit encryption key? A customer needs a location solution for more than a thousand simultaneous devices for true asset visibility. The solution needs to identify and locate rogue access points and devices to enforce security policies. What is the recommended Cisco technology? Which technology is a centralized, systems-level application for managing and controlling an entire Cisco WLAN infrastructure? Which two threats are 802.11 security issues or vulnerabilities? (Choose two.) Which two are key differentiators that give Cisco wireless mesh outdoor products a competitive advantage over competitor offerings? (Choose two.) Which product smoothly integrates into existing enterprise networks and communicates with Cisco lightweight access points over any Layer 2 or Layer 3 infrastructure using the Lightweight Access Point Protocol? Which tool helps program participants differentiate their wireless client devices and ensures that these devices are IEEE 802.11 and Wi-Fi compliant? When using IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b WLAN technology, which development will result? In the United States, what has ultimate jurisdiction over radio frequency regulations? A large brokerage firm is in need of acquiring a more cost-effective network. When positioning the ROI case to a high-level executive who is directly responsible for the financial success of the company, you should emphasize which aspect of Cisco WLAN solutions? How are data transported through a wireless LAN? Which two are benefits of a wireless bridge? (Choose two.) Which appliance would be the best solution to manage more than 50 lightweight access points for a large enterprise facility? When you are positioning the IT case, what is the best question to pose to an IT manager who is especially concerned about security? The IT director of a major metropolitan hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, would like to provide wireless connectivity for hotel guests and staff. The two networks need to be secure because the transactional data transmitting over the faculty network contain sensitive financial information. There is a particular concern about the threat of malicious attacks from outside the network. Based on those concerns, what is the recommended Cisco solution? What should be emphasized in order to allay fears of inadequate privacy and loss of control among enterprise customers? What is an accurate description of a Cisco Wireless Control System? Cisco offers a variety of options for installing or improving network security on the WLAN. Which two recommendations should be made to a customer who wants a Cisco WLAN security solution? (Choose two.) Which value proposition best addresses the needs of an IT director at a university who is concerned that the institution is spending considerable amounts of money to connect buildings on the campus? Which device would be ideal for a municipal mesh network? Which type of communication technology is used in Cisco wireless LAN solutions? Which product enables cost-effective, scalable deployment of secure outdoor wireless LANs, providing dual-band and simultaneous support for IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g standards? Which tool enables you to calculate the power supply requirements for a specific Power over Ethernet configuration? What is the best description of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network? Which Cisco technology can be used to create a detailed wireless LAN design, including access point placement, configuration, and performance estimates? A technical decision maker from a local surgical hospital in Chicago, Illinois, is looking for a way to connect two networks from two different buildings that are located approximately five miles apart. Originally, the technical decision maker did not explore a wireless networking solution for fear that radio frequencies would interfere with some of the medical equipment. The technical decision maker has presented a leased-line option, but the CFO of the hospital is not in favor of the costs that are associated with it. As a result, the technical decision maker is exploring potential wireless networking solutions. Which key topic should you emphasize when describing the benefits of a wireless networking solution to the technical decision maker? Which aspect of the Cisco Self-Defending Network has been designed specifically to help ensure that all wired and wireless endpoint devices accessing network resources are adequately protected from security threats? Which value proposition would best address the needs of an IT director at a manufacturing plant who is concerned about increasing productivity on the factory floor? The CIO of a digital public-advertising provider wants to deploy a wireless solution at the corporate headquarters. The wireless solution is for the floor where the company holds press conferences and multimedia corporate meetings. The CIO wants a virtual office for corporate guests that enhances the entertainment experience without creating security issues. Which response assures the CIO that unauthorized wireless access points will not be on the network? Which wired and wireless Cisco integration framework delivers the security, manageability, and services that enterprises have come to expect on both wired and wireless networks? Which two accurately describe ways in which Cisco has shaped the development of the wireless industry? (Choose two.) A potential customer is considering implementing a wireless LAN solution. The customer is able to see the benefits of a wireless LAN solution but seems hesitant in using Cisco products because the customer associates Cisco with routers, switches, and security rather than LAN solutions. The customer asks why Cisco should be chosen to provide the wireless LAN solution instead of a competitor. Which two statements most accurately describe the business case of a Cisco wireless solution? (Choose two.) Which feature makes competitor products vulnerable to various security attacks? An enterprise recently acquired several smaller companies. Following a massive reorganization, the enterprise decides to close the corporate headquarters of the acquired companies and relocate the remaining executive staff to one central location. To accommodate the influx of new employees, the enterprise will lease five additional floors of its current office building. The IT director of the enterprise is concerned about scalability as the number of users increases. Which two facts should you emphasize when communicating with this potential customer? (Choose two.) Which two access points would be appropriate for challenging RF environments? (Choose two.) What differentiates Cisco wireless LAN building-to-building products from the competition? In which two ways does wireless technology simplify hospital administration? (Choose two.)