646-578 - Advanced Security for Account Managers

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Example Questions

NAC is an example of which principal characteristic of the Cisco SDN? How does security technology assessment benefit the customer? ScanSafe scans traffic and enforces policies for which kind of traffic? Which two of these actions describe how management and analysis tools help customers monitor their network security? (Choose two.) Which two of these describe how security contributes to profitability? (Choose two.) How does the Cisco SDN protect organizations from worm and virus outbreaks? Why do end users need to be aware of the security policy? How do you calculate risk quantitatively for SLE? How does preliminary technical discovery benefit the customer? Which two of these statements describe why Cisco offers the security solution with the lowest operational cost? (Choose two.) The ScanSafe SearchAhead feature does what? During the optimize phase, how can the account manager help the customer reach operational excellence? Which statement best illustrates how to communicate to a potential customer the consequences of not having a secure network? Which compliance standard will directly affect the security policy of a local bookstore? Which statement is true? Which government regulation was designed to restore investor confidence in the financial reporting of public companies? You are meeting with a customer who is concerned about ongoing network threats and vulnerabilities within the corporate network. How should you position the Cisco SDN with this customer? Which two of these activities does the risk analysis process include? (Choose two.) Which government regulation opens up an opportunity to sell a Cisco Security Solution to companies that collect financial information? What is a benefit of Cisco IOS IPS? How does a common management solution simplify security for customers? Which two of these statements describe how the systems approach benefits customers? (Choose two.) The Cisco IronPort S-Series is the first product that provides complete, high-performance web security. What is another feature? What three phases of the network lifecycle should be the focus for account managers selling security solutions? (Choose three.) What is the most common reason for purchasing the Cisco IronPort S-Series? After the technology strategy meeting occurs, which two of these statements describe how further value is added for the customer? (Choose two.) Why is a risk management strategy needed? Which government regulation was implemented to promote world financial stability by coordinating definitions of capital and risk assessment across countries? Which two of these choices describe how the secure network access solution provides value to the customer? (Choose two.) How do you go about assessing the impact of business disruptions? When selling secure WAN, which two of these statements can you use to promote the Cisco solution over that of Juniper? (Choose two.) Which of these secure solutions provides a multipurpose appliance that allows customers to deploy security services, such as IPS, SSL VPN, and content filtering, on an as-needed basis to meet business requirements? What is the earliest block to new web threats? Which two factors should be considered when calculating the cost of recovery? (Choose two.) What is the difference between Cisco Security Manager and Cisco Security MARS? Which statement best describes the Cisco IronPort S-Series? Which government regulation specifies which patient information must be kept private, how companies must secure the information, and the standards for electronic communication between medical providers and insurance companies? Which of these technologies would you suggest to an accounting firm that relies heavily on contract teleworkers during tax season? Which government regulation is designed to create a common information security structure that is based on recognized best practices, and is an internationally recognized generic standard? How do you begin a meaningful security discussion with a customer? Your prospect is unwilling to make major network changes to try the Cisco IronPort web security appliance. What would be an appropriate response? Which two factors should be considered when calculating the cost of downtime? (Choose two.) Which two of these statements describe why it is important to have a proactive security solution when dealing with data centers and security? (Choose two.) Which availability has ScanSafe maintained over the last seven years? What trigger question would you use when assessing the benefit of a secure network access solution? The customer wants to hire employees during the coming year. What should you do?" How does security technology assessment drive continuous improvements? Which two Cisco SDN benefits would you emphasize when discussing security solutions with a business decision-maker? (Choose two.) What is one way that Cisco Security can decrease customer implementation costs? How does the Cisco SDN relate to compliance?