646-563 - Advanced Security for Account Managers

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Example Questions

Which two of these statements describe how the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach benefits the customer? (Choose two.) Which government regulation opens up an opportunity to sell a Cisco Security Solution to companies that collect financial information? Which two of these arguments can you use to convince a business decision.maker of the need for network security? (Choose two.) Which two of these activities does the risk analysis process include? (Choose two.) A hacker initiates an attack that floods the network, overwhelming the company server, router, firewall, or network. Legitimate traffic cannot be processed, and the company cannot function. This causes which security pain point? You are meeting with an enterprise customer that has a multivendor network. Which Cisco Security product should you position with this customer? How does the Cisco ASA with the CSC module protect the network? (Choose two.) How does security technology assessment drive continuous improvements? Which two of these describe how security contributes to profitability? (Choose two.) Which two threat.defense features allow a network to correlate events, mitigate events, and audit policies? (Choose two.) Which statement accurately describes the difference between a quantitative and a qualitative risk analysis? During the optimize phase, how can the account manager help the customer reach operational excellence? What is one way that Cisco Security can decrease customer implementation costs? How does security technology assessment benefit the customer? Which Cisco solution provides host protection against security violations by focusing on the behavior of the device? A company believes that buying and installing a firewall can solve their security problems. What reason for insufficient security is this customer illustrating? Which government regulation was designed to restore investor confidence in the financial reporting of public companies? Why do end users need to be aware of the security policy? Regarding Cisco security solutions with TDM, which level of Cisco SDN security messaging is appropriate? How do you calculate risk quantitatively for SLE? Which principal characteristic of the Cisco SDN incorporates technologies that are inherent in the secure operation of network devices, including control plane policing and CPU/memory thresholding? Cisco's security solutions allow organizations to protect productivity gains, reduce overall operating costs and enable mission critical deployment of new and existing technologies. Which government regulation makes it possible to sell a Cisco Security Solution to companies collecting financial information? Which security pain point can be resolved by each of these security products: Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances, Cisco PIX Firewall 500 Series, Cisco Security Agent, and the Cisco Guard DDoS Mitigation Appliances? Which two of these statements describe why Cisco offers the security solution with the lowest operational cost? (Choose two.) How does preliminary technical discovery benefit the customer? How do you go about assessing the impact of business disruptions? Which Cisco IOS feature facilitates dynamic IPsec tunnels between spoke (branch) sites? A company suffered from a critical security breach and experienced considerable downtime. They decided to reassess the security policy and rebuild the network infrastructure. Which three business problems does the Self.Defending Network initiative address? (Choose three.) What trigger question would you use when assessing the benefit of a secure network access solution? What are three benefits of the Cisco SDN that will be recognized by business decision makers? (Choose three.) What three phases of the network lifecycle should be the focus for account managers selling security solutions? (Choose three.) Which compliance standard will directly affect the security policy of a local bookstore? What is the difference between Cisco Security Manager and Cisco Security MARS? After the technology strategy meeting occurs, which two of these statements describe how further value is added for the customer? (Choose two.) How does business case alignment improve the overall success of network integration? (Choose two.) Which business enabler provides a defense against damages and losses (such as financial, legal, commercial, image, branding, property, and people), which directly affect the ability of a company to do business? Once you have concluded the discovery process, you will set up a meeting with the final decision maker and present the value proposition. Which two items would you include in your value proposition? (Choose two.) Which three technologies allow the Cisco SDN to adapt to new threats as they arise? (Choose three.) Which scenario illustrates a breach in security integrity? Which three of these are key elements of the Adaptive Threat Defense? (Choose three.) How do you begin a meaningful security discussion with a customer? Which two of these statements describe why it is important to have a proactive security solution when dealing with data centers and security? (Choose two.) Which government regulation is designed to create a common information security structure that is based on recognized best practices, and is an internationally recognized generic standard? When selling secure WAN, which two of these statements can you use to promote the Cisco solution over that of Juniper? (Choose two.) Which two of these best describe how the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach provides value for partners? (Choose two.) Which of these technologies would you suggest to an accounting firm that relies heavily on contract teleworkers during tax season? What are two outcomes of preparing for the business requirements workshop? (Choose two.) How does a common management solution simplify security for customers? Which two factors should be considered when calculating the cost of downtime? (Choose two.) Why is a risk management strategy needed?