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Example Questions

Which queuing method dynamically provides fair bandwidth allocation to all network traffic? What contributes to the increase in traffic on corporate WANs? You are using the CRWS tool to set up EZ VPN. Which type of connection type for the VPN will be created? Which two Cisco products support Gigabit EtherChannel for uplinks to the backbone and are appropriate for a wiring closet in a medium campus network? (Choose two) What does an MLS-SE do when it receives an MLSP hello message? Which three are primary components of the Cisco multilayer switching implementation? (Choose three) Which command do you use to check the trunking mode on Catalyst 5000 switches? Which Cisco router series best meets Enterprise and Service Provider WAN edge requirements for scalable bandwidth, feature-rich support, and flexible connectivity options in a compact form factor? Which Catalyst switch can be used as the core of a star configuration to connect up to eight switches and deliver 2-Gbps, full-duplex bandwidth between the core and each connected switch? You have several VLAN trunks in Auto and Off modes. You are entering a new port. You want the port to be in Permanent Trunking mode. Which mode should you use? Which three can the 7200 support? (Choose three) What triggers the authentication proxy on the Cisco IOS Firewall? Which command removes certain VLANs from an existing trunk link? What are two methods to maintain a consistent VLAN database in a VTP domain? (Choose two) What does authentication proxy on the Cisco IOS Firewall do? VLAN trunking is accomplished in multi-vendor networks using the IEEE 802.1q standard. An all-Cisco network can accomplish VLAN trunking using Cisco's proprietary_______. Indicating with (1) MED, (2) local-preference, (3) AS-path, (4) weight and (5) origincode, what is the correct chronological order of the previous five tiebreakers used by BGP during its own best route selection's process? Which statement about multilayer switching is true? What does CBAC on the Cisco IOS Firewall do with the application-layer protocol session information it gets from TCP and UDP packets? What is advertised by a Catalyst switch in a VTP domain? Which trunking mode prevents DISL or DTP frame from being sent out of a trunk link? Which events cause the EIGRP neighbor relationship to be restarted? A telecommuter customer plans to obtain broadband service from their local cable provider. Which Cisco product should you recommend? How many packets per second does the Cisco 7200 with NPE-400 support? You are configuring a VLAN interface on an internal route processor. You defined the VLAN interface. What should you do next? Where does Cisco recommend the Catalyst 4006 be used? Which router interface configuration command identifies an inside NAT interface? Which multilayer switching concept determines how entries are created in the MLS cache? What enables the Cisco 7500 Series routers to provide high performance through distributed IP services? Which router command shows the configuration of Fair Queuing? Which Cisco multiservice access router supports Fast Ethernet, 3 WIC slots, 2 AIM slots on board, and 16-port Etherswitch in a 2RU form factor? Which two Cisco products provide gigabit Ethernet and gigabit EthernelChannel to the backbone? (Choose two) Which statement is true about VTPs and VLAN consistency? You must configure an Ethernet trunk to operate in ISL mode between two Cisco switches. Which two are required at each end of the link for the trunk to operate correctly? (Choose two) Which command on the Catalyst 5000 MLS-SE displays the ID of an attached MLS-RP router? How many models does the Catalyst 6500 have? requires a device that can connect 26 users in one building and can connect to their main campus via EIGRP. Which device supports this capability? What are two benefits of Cisco Easy VPN Server on the Cisco 1700 Series routers? (Choose two) Which three design considerations are generally included at the access layer of the three-level hierarchical campus network design? (Choose three) What is the result of applying an outgoing access list on an interface? What is the best description for the command ppp authentication pap when configured on both the calling and called router? Which interface configuration command assigns a VLAN ID to a route processor interface? Usually, redundancy in the core is achieved with ______. Which two routing protocols does the FWSM support? (Choose two) What odes the authentication proxy feature of the Cisco IOS Firewall allow network administrators to do? Which Cisco routers use the Parallel Express Forwarding (PXF) processor to provide accelerated services without degrading performance? Which two parameters are distributed by VTP advertisements? (Choose two) Cisco's most scalable, native, multi-device management architecture is available through _______. Which two trunking methods are supported by the Cisco 2600 series? (Choose two) In a large campus design, the server aggregation complex is best server by which Cisco Catalyst switches?