646-365 - Cisco Express Foundation for Account Managers

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Example Questions

From small business to large-scale enterprises, which two best describe how the Cisco Unified Wireless Network reduces overall operational expenses? (Choose two) What is the role of Cisco AnyConnect in a borderless network? Which three are important market drivers for WAN optimization? (Choose three.) Conducting a project kick-off in the plan phase provides which of the following customer benefits? The Learning & Events section of Cisco.com contains information about certification and additional Cisco educational resources that enable you to further your professional opportunities. Which program is detailed in Learning S Events? Which of the following statements best describes the strategic importance of the network? Why can security on healthcare networks be an important issue for customers? In the plan phase, network readiness assessment addresses which customer need? Because of the systems-level approach, Cisco security can defend against widespread attacks from hackers and viruses. What describes the Cisco network security strategy? In what way does Cisco SMARTnet help customers protect their network investments? What are two business values of Cisco Validated Design and Cisco Smart Business Architecture? (Choose two.) What does most service requests coming to Cisco TAC concern? What are two benefits of clustered access points on a small business network using the Cisco 500 Series Access Point? (Choose two.) What best explains why the banking industry is ready to take advantage of an integrated network infrastructure? Which two definitions best describe the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture? (Choose two.) Which two of these Catalyst switch series are typically deployed in commercial customer networks? (Choose two.) Which statement does not correctly describe the impact of business video applications to the network? Which two statements apply to a collaboration architecture that is integrated with Cisco SecureX? (Choose two.) You are Cisco Channel Partner Account Manager. You need to explain why the banking industry is ready to take advantage of an integrated network infrastructure. What is your explanation? How does the Cisco Small Business Pro Service differ from the Cisco Small Business Pro warranty? Which three are benefits of a Cisco Borderless Network that go beyond a TCO calculation? (Choose three.) Which three are major trends that fuel the demand for routing and switching? (Choose three.) Both the Cisco Catalyst 4500 and 6500 Series switches provide multilayer switching, enhanced network speed, and QoS for high-quality voice and video communications. These capabilities make the switches especially well suited to accommodate which area? A network evolves from connectivity to an intelligent network. Which two best explain what influences the move toward network integration? (Choose two.) Which two of the following are recommended minimum required building blocks for a Cisco midmarket BYOD solution? (Choose two.) The integrated services routing architecture provides the performance, availability, and reliability needed to scale mission-critical business applications in the most demanding environments. Which statement best describes the benefits of Cisco Integrated Services Routers? Which of these statements about Cisco WAAS is true? Which three statements accurately describe the evolution of the workplace and its impact on security? (Choose three.) Which statement best describes total cost of ownership (TCO)? Which online Cisco resource provides PPDIOO and Lifecycle Services methodology? Which statement is true regarding TCO calculations that an account manager prepares for the customer? Which of the following statements best describes total cost of ownership (TCO)? Which two are good options for selling Cisco WAAS during a router refresh at branches? (Choose two.) Which three statements accurately describe the evolution of the workplace and the importance of the network? (Choose three.) What are the two business benefits of a BYOD solution? (Choose two.) Which one of these statements is true about Cisco EnergyWise technology? Which two statements describe the role of core technologies with regard to business processes? (Choose two.) How does network integration help businesses keep pace with changing network demands? In which of these phases is a customer's current network infrastructure assessed? Which two are switch security features that enable a secure borderless network? (Choose two.) Which two are main drivers for changing business operations? (Choose two.) Which two other architectures is the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture linked to? (Choose two.) Which two Cisco products can demonstrate the "one policy" approach in the Cisco Unified Access solution? (Choose two.) Choose the most accurate statement regarding the account qualification and planning service component in the prepare phase. Which two of the following are driving factors for implementing an open and secure customer network? (Choose two.) Which three of the following are recommended minimum required building blocks for a Cisco midmarket BYOD solution? (Choose three.) What are two functions that WLAN management provides? (Choose two) Which one of these actions is the best way to resolve security challenges in borderless networks? A small company that is considering a Cisco converged network solution has asked whether you recommend the Cisco 2800 or 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers. Which two resources would you consult to determine the appropriate product? (Choose two.) What are two driving factors for new security challenges? (Choose two.)