646-276 - MeetingPlace Sales Specialist (SMPS)

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Example Questions

Which factor is the greatest key differentiator in a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace solution? Which business leader is most likely to drive the purchase of a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace solution? Which hardware component runs the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace software? Cisco Unified MeetingPlace uses which technology to provide rapid graphic sharing across desktop platforms? Which are the three most important principles to follow when preparing a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Return on Investment calculation? (Choose three.) A major animation studio uses a variety of desktops; Macintosh, PC, Linux and Unix. They are considering web conferencing to share storyboards and animation between design and rendering teams around the world. Which Cisco Unified MeetingPlace feature would be the most important differentiator for their success? A customer has the following requirements: voice/data conferencing supporting multiple groups collaboration, presentation and webinar templates Which solution would you recommend? Which three conferencing features are benefits of a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace solution? (Choose three.) A company recently upgraded their existing network as follows: TDM phone network to IP Cisco Unified Communications Manager for telephony services Microsoft Outlook for corporate email They seek to reduce travel costs by using secure on-premise virtual collaboration for: general meetings webinars sales demos Which three Cisco Unified MeetingPlace features will help qualify this customer for a MeetingPlace solution? (Choose three.) Which combination is a legitimate WebEx with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace hosting option? Which three benefits are found only in a MeetingPlace collaboration solution? (Choose three.) Which two weaknesses does a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace solution have when compared to a service provider offering? (Choose two.) Which improvement is a benefit of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace on-network conferencing? A customer is asking for integrated voice, web and video with ad hoc conferencing. Which is the most appropriate solution? Which three MeetingPlace differentiators are the most important aids to overcoming boredom and detachment from web presentations? A corporation has chosen Cisco Unified Communications Manager as their new corporate-wide voice solution. Which business driver favors adding a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace on-premises solution? Which two business patterns are the strongest indicators of a need for a collaboration solution? (Choose two.) Which advantage of the WebEx and MeetingPlace integration will be seen by current WebEx only customers? Which two professionals are the most likely to be the key business decision makers in buying a MeetingPlacesolution? (Choose two) Which two costs are reduced with on-premise conferencing through Cisco Unified MeetingPlace? (Choose two.) Which are 3 key Cisco Unified MeetingPlace strengths compared to a service provider offering. (Choose three.) A key business decision maker tells you his opinion of web conferencing: I was in a web conference a few weeks ago held by a consultant. I'm sure there were some great things being said, but the slides were poorly done and one of my peers kept interrupting the speaker. I get irritated at having my schedule broken, and this meeting went 25 minutes overtime. I'm not sure I'm a fan of web conferencing. Which would be the best Cisco Unified MeetingPlace feature to highlight? Which question would most likely be spoken by a prospect ready for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace? A global group of specialized companies employ collaboration services to form a chain to increase their strategic offerings. What is this called?