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Example Questions

A company's mission is to support its customers' technical needs. Its consultants work from home or on site. They must often work in teams to exchange information about new products and implementations. Choose the Cisco Unified Communications tool, features, and functions that will best support this company's goal. Read the customer objection and select the two best answers. (Choose two.) Telecommunications manager: Everyone knows that Cisco is good at data, but you simply do not have voice experience. None of your account managers, systems engineers, or professional service people truly understands the voice environment. Which two products enable SMBs and enterprise branch offices to use Cisco Unity Express to integrate voice mail and auto-attendant services in a cost-effective manner? (Choose two.) Which two statements about Cisco Unified Presence integration are true? (Choose two.) A consulting firm has the following description: 4000 employees large volume of voice, email, and fax messages several different applications to handle messages Which Cisco solution will best handle all messages for employees, whether those employees are traveling or in the office? Which two statements regarding the advantages and benefits of security implementations in Cisco Unified Communications solutions are true? (Choose two.) A customer requires a software-based call-processing agent that extends enterprise telephony features and capabilities to packet telephony network devices. Which application would meet the needs of this customer? Which components are included in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition? An account manager wants to view specific tasks and download associated resources about different network lifecycle phases. Which tool would be most helpful for this issue? Read the customer objection and choose the best response. Chief financial officer: Convergence sounds good in theory. What exactly does it give me, though? I want to talk in terms of business justification. Which statement about Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unified Communications Manager is correct? Which three of these characterize a business ROI? (Choose three.) Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express would be most appropriate for which potential customer? A desktop applications manager is concerned that unified messaging implementations will require schema extensions. Which issue is most likely the greatest concern for this manager? A converged network uses packet-switching instead of TDM. What is the main advantage of this transmission technology? An account manager requires an easy-to-use, web-enabled tool to demonstrate to a prospective customer the benefits of a converged network in terms of productivity enhancements and real estate savings. What should the account manager use? Which two types of legacy telephony equipment could be connected via a Cisco VG224 Analog Phone Gateway to a Cisco Unified Communications system? (Choose two.) Which sales tool provides a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to calculate cost savings that can be realized from a Cisco Unified Communication implementation? Which statement best describes one of the market trends toward a converged solution? A car retailer has a traditional phone system. The retailer's telecommunications manager is currently evaluating whether to invest in an IP-enabled phone system or in Cisco Unified Communications. During a meeting the systems administrator explained that the data network infrastructure will soon be updated due to frequent outages. Why might this customer benefit the most from a Cisco Unified Communications solution? Desktop application managers are often afraid of changing existing Microsoft or IBM applications because of security issues when implementing new applications like instant messaging or unified messaging. Which two facts could an account manager point out regarding this concern? (Choose two.) What would be the most appropriate device for customers who would like to have additional lines and speed-dial buttons on their phones? Which of these products would be most appropriate to recommend to a customer that wants to connect a fax device to Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure? Which of these Cisco Unified Communications products will most increase employee productivity? An operations manager compares the cost of upgrading their current system to the cost of implementing a fully-featured Cisco Unified Communications system. She objects that the upgrade may not be justifiable. Which two responses would most likely best answer to this objection? (Choose two.) Which two statements about a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster are true? (Choose two.) In which two ways does Cisco ensure security for a Cisco Unified Communications solution? (Choose two.) Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted is a solution for which type of customer? To find out if the customer is experiencing problems with its IP-enabled PBX because of an overtaxed TDM bus, which question is the best to ask? What are two features of Cisco Unity Express? (Choose two.) A competitor selling an IP-enabled PBX has told your client that its solution is scalable. Which two of these statements might you use to best clarify the competitor definition of "scalability" with your client? (Choose two.) An emerging airline in South Asia wants to enhance its customer responsiveness. It already has a web portal by means of which it offers online booking and reservation of tickets. In addition, it would like to integrate a service by which customers can dial in via phone and be guided through an interactive audio dialog allowing them to make reservations or book flight connections. Which Cisco Unified Communications solution would be the best for this issue? Based on the scenario below, what is the primary need of the finance manager? Account Manager: Have you considered the potential TCO savings that you can achieve with a Unified Communications upgrade? Finance manager: To some degree, yes, but it sounds like a big investment, not only in terms of technology, but even more so in terms of staff and maintenance. Which of these products would be most appropriate to recommend to a customer that wants to switch from a PBX to Cisco CallManager without changing its voice mailbox? A financial consulting company has several branches scattered at a distance from one another and some of its employees are working from home. The CFO has determined that travel costs are high and would like to reduce these costs by sharing documents in real time and offering online events. Which Cisco Unified Communications solution may fit best for this approach? What does a converged solution enable that a traditional solution does not enable? Tracking employee productivity and simplifying employee training describe common concerns among individuals who fulfill which one of these roles? Which two of these are good indicators that a business may benefit from a Cisco Unified Communications solution? (Choose two.) When asking a new prospect discovery questions, it is important to determine whether the customer has any needs that would not be filled by existing IP telephony applications. Which two approaches would help you identify opportunities for new XML applications? (Choose two.) Which statement best describes the value proposition for migration to an integrated services router platform? Which product is the software-based call-processing component of a Cisco Unified Communications solution? In a conversation about network improvements, a telecommunications manager expressed a desire to monitor network performance in near-real time and perform network trending for a more proactive management approach. As the account manager, which need would you identify as this telecommunication manager's highest priority? A potential customer requests a reliable, cost-effective method of monitoring and evaluating the quality of voice in Cisco Unified Communications solutions. This customer needs a tool which continuously monitors active calls supported by the Cisco Unified Communications system and provides near-real-time notification when the voice quality of a call, represented as end-user experience expressed by a Mean Opinion Score, fails to meet a user-defined quality threshold. Which of the following tools should an account manager propose? A Cisco customer has a management team, each member of which has a number of needs. Operations manager: Improve order processes Improve the ability to make accurate forecasts Finance manager: Reduce the TCO of the existing IP communications infrastructure IT manager: Improve network reliability Streamline the delivery of end-user support Which business need would be the primary Cisco Unified Communications solution sales driver? Which two personal productivity management tools does Cisco Unity Connection combine? (Choose two.) Which pair of capabilities do Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches provide? What are two common benefits of converged Cisco Unified Communications? (Choose two.) Which of the following features could not be implemented with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express? A large chemical company with a limited capital expenditure budget is considering a much-needed investment in a converged IP network but is having trouble justifying the initial costs to management. Which solution would you recommend? A Cisco customer wants to: implement instant messaging on Cisco Unified IP phones integrate with Microsoft Office Communicator provide the status information of users Which is the best recommendation to meet these goals?