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Question :-

Read the customer objection and select the two best answers. (Choose two.) Telecommunications manager: Everyone knows that Cisco is good at data, but you simply do not have voice experience. None of your account managers, systems engineers, or professional service people truly understands the voice environment.
I understand your concern, especially because we are so well known for data. In addition to our data experience, we are also very familiar with the voice environment. In fact, we helped invent voice technology.
I am glad you brought that up! It is true that at one time, we were focused more on data than on voice. Today, however, Cisco has a large percentage of employees with voice experience.
Thank you for mentioning that point. Because our focus is on QoS, which is currently not supported by the Internet, people often believe that Cisco has no voice experience
That is a valid concern, and I would like to address it. While it is true that we are strong in the data arena, we are also actively and aggressively investing in staff voice skills, and also recruiting the finest voice professionals in the market. The strength of our voice team has brought us a great deal of respect in the marketplace.

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