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Example Questions

Controlling costs that are associated with network issues, keeping unexpected problems from affecting productivity, and achieving business goals are characteristics of which Cisco offering? Telepresence and video conferencing have been an increasingly important component of the overall video market. Which indicator is the best measure of the continued importance of these technologies going forward? In which two ways does medianet help organizations to fully realize the benefits and the quality of video applications? (Choose two.) Which service orchestration solution has been validated as part of the Cisco Virtualized Multi- Tenant Data Center system? Which two factors are driving the demand for borderless networks? (Choose two.) In which two ways can Cisco Show and Share benefit customers? (Choose two.) Which option best describes the primary value of the Cisco IP Next-Generation Network? Cisco WAAS software on the Cisco ISR G2 routers performs which two functions? (Choose two.) The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition best addresses the needs of which two types of businesses? (Choose two.) Which Cisco TelePresence platform can dramatically reduce customer time to market and improve partner operating margins? Which two options best explain the Cisco Unified Data Center framework and how the phases form the foundation for cloud? (Choose two.) Which statement best describes Infrastructure as a Service? Which Cisco solution enables face-to-face communications and can, therefore, save expenses on business travel? Which two options are ways that Cisco Capital helps partners? (Choose two.) Why is the Cisco Integrated Services Router product line a good choice for customers? If an enterprise customer required a switch for their branch office access layer, which family of switches would the customer likely choose from? Which Cisco collaboration product line will reduce TCO, Improve the user experience and productivity, and increase business relevance? Which Cisco product family can simultaneously implement firewall, VPN, content security, network access control, and services virtualization? Which Cisco TelePresence offering provides a telepresence experience for a wide range of existing conference rooms and environments? If a small business customer required mobility to be delivered via multiple access points, which wireless portfolio of solutions would be the best choice? Which three services does Cisco provide to customers? (Choose three.) What are two customer benefits of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution? (Choose two.) In which two situations is it more beneficial to position a Cisco Nexus Series 7000 Switch rather than a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch? (Choose two.) Which two features characterize controller-based deployments in a WLAN? (Choose two.) Suppose that a Cisco Partner wants to achieve Cisco Gold Certified status with a Borderless Network Architecture Specialization. Which two things must be done? (Choose two.) Which three Cisco go-to-market strategies help partner profitability? (Choose three.) Which two options are the trends that are driving the demand for data center? (Choose two.) What is the goal of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture? If a small business customer has more sophisticated needs, which Cisco router portfolio would be the best choice? The Cisco Services Ready Engine is an optional module of the Cisco ISR family. It includes onboard CPU and memory to run advanced applications. Which option is an example of an advanced application that runs on the Cisco Services Ready Engine? A customer wants to be able to detect and mitigate Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi sources of interference in their wireless enterprise network. Which Cisco access point should you recommend to the customer? What are two goals of the Cisco collaboration architecture? (Choose two.) Which service does the Cisco IronPort portfolio perform? Which statement best describes the Cisco Smart Business Communications System? How do Smart Business Architecture selling tools help partners increase sales? In which two ways do TANDBERG and Cisco TelePresence solutions interoperate? (Choose two.) Which statement best describes the "whole offer" concept? Which Cisco product family is the recommended platform for 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the data center? What is the Cisco goal regarding market share for each of the major markets that its products compete in? A standard three-year term, next-business-day hardware replacement, and telephone support are features of which Cisco support program? What feature does the Partner E-Learning Connection provide? Which Cisco collaboration service will encourage true customer intimacy by quickly and proactively connecting people with the information, expertise, and support that they need? In which area of the campus LAN are the user computers attached to the network? Which two Internet Protocol (IP) telephony devices are best categorized as infrastructure components? (Choose two.) Simplified guest access, comprehensive communication and collaboration, and optimized asset and network visibility are benefits of which type of Cisco deployment? Which two opposing challenges are helping to drive the partner need to sell whole offers? (Choose two.) Which two options are benefits of Cisco Video Surveillance? (Choose two.) What is A WAN? Which network technology addresses these customer business needs: shrinking budgets and IT staffs, more complex networks, and an increased need for network security?