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Example Questions

If an enterprise customer required A switch for their branch office access layer, which family of switches would the customer likely choose from? Which cisco product portfolio allows users to access their email, voice, and fax messages from A single inbox anytime, anywhere? Which cisco collaboration service will encourage true customer intimacy by quickly and proactively connecting people with the information, expertise and support that they need? Which Cisco product is a software component that blocks unwanted connections and provides other gateway security functions for small business? What ensures that voice packets are given priority throughout the network so that conversations arrive intact? You are the network consultant from . You have been asked for which two features of optical networks allow data to be transmitted over extremely long distances? (Choose two.) Network management saves time and money by automating which two tasks? (Choose two.) You are the network consultant from . Do you know what attacks are software based attacks that disable your computer and attack user by e-mail? (Choose two.) Which network technology allows for the monitoring of active communication networks to diagnose problems and gather statistics for network administration? A customer asks for help choosing their WAN technology, the customer is looking for A solution that can be used across very long distances, provides QoS and VPN support, and is sensitive to their budgeting needs ,which WAN technology would you recommend? Is an open standard promotes interoperability among the wireless client adapters and dial-in servers from different vendors. What are two appropriate uses for Internet Protocol TV broadcasting (IP/TV) technology? (Choose two.) What is the goal of the borderless network architecture? Internet Protocol videoconferencing (IP/VC) provides which two business benefits? (Choose two.) What is A WAN? A global manufacturer of automobile parts wants to implement specialized voice applications to increase productivity and reduce the cost of overseas toll calls. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need? You are the network consultant from . You should tell your clients Two technologies help them save much time from complex computing. (Choose two.) Which tool provides A complete guide that makes it easier for partners, regardless of their experience level, to sell cisco unified communications solutions to their customers? Which Internet Protocol(IP) telephony element is best categorizedas a voice application component? A service provider wants to prevent the repeat of a denial of service (DoS) attack that recently disabled Internet access for several thousand customers. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need? Which Cisco product is a hardware component that supports content filtering and other gateway security functions for the Catalyst 6500 Series? What is the Cisco collaboration per-person licensing option that simplifies purchasing and provides customers with maximum flexibility? The cisco ironport portfolio performs which service? The Services-Ready Engine is an optional module of the Cisco ISR family. It includes onboard CPU and memory to run advanced applications. Which of these is an example of an advanced application that runs on the Services-Ready Engine? Wide Area Network (WAN) is a computer network that covers a broad areA. Which statement is correct for wide-area network (WAN)? Which type of deployment utilizes ISRs with Cisco IOS Security feature sets to provide an ideal, low-cost, yet capable and powerful platform? If A small business customer has more sophisticated needs, which Cisco router portfolio would be the best choice? You are the network consultant from . In which situation you will advice your customer to implement data centers?(choose 3) Why is the Cisco Integrated Services Router product line A good choice for customers? What is the Cisco goal regarding market share for each of the major markets that its products compete in? In which two ways do TANDBERG and Cisco TelePresence solutions interoperate? (Choose two) Which Cisco product family can simultaneously implement firewall, VPN, content security, network access control, virtualization, anD content filtering? What is a benefit of Internet protocol (IP) telephony? Which device is installed in user devices and makes wireless connections between them and a network? What feature does the Partner E-Learning Connection provide? Which two Internet Protocol (IP) telephony devices are best categorized as infrastructure components? (Choose two.) Which component should you use to reduce collision issues on a large LAN? Controlling costs that are associated with network issues, keeping unexpected problems from affecting productivity, and achieving business goals are characteristics of which cisco offering? Which IP telephony component provides call processing, such as signaling, that in a traditional voice network is provided by switching equipment, such as a PBX? Which cisco product family is the recommended platform for 10 gigabit ethernet in the data center? What does a router do? How does a switch respond when it receives a message? A consulting firm is locating 30 consultants at a client site for a nine-month project. What need does the firm have that can be met by a wireless solution? What are the two primary advantages of content networking solutions? (Choose two.) Which cisco security product line uses deep inspection to identify and prevent malicious attacks, resource misuse, and unauthorized access? If A customers needed to load-balance across multiple data center. which Cisco product would the customer consider? The ability to stack switches using cisco stackwise technology provides A number of important benefits to the customer, which of these is A benefit of cisco stackwise? Why is QoS important in a converged network? Cisco Technical Support Services portfolio provide customers resources that help ensure that Cisco products operate efficiently, remain highly available, and benefit from up-to-date system software. Is it correct? Simplified guest access, comprehensive communication and collaboration, and optimized asset and network visibility are benefits of which type of Cisco deployment?