646-204 - CSE - Cisco Sales Expert Exam

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Example Questions

Which Cisco software provides intelligence to the network? In addition to telephone assistance, where can customers receive assistance from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)? Which networking solution is appropriate for a financial services firm with employees in remote offices who expect to have access to the same internal communications as employees at primary company facilities? A growing publishing firm needs a secure way for remote content editors to connect through the Internet to the company extranet. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need? What feature does the Partner E-Learning Connection provide? Which two high-profile regulations have a global impact on the financial industry? (Choose two.) Which area of the campus local-area network (LAN) acts as an aggregation point for access-area switches and provides the connection between the access and core areas? Which two of the following are benefits of engaging Cisco field resources? (Choose two.) Which feature of Cisco IOS allows customers flexibility and choice when selecting platforms for their networks? Which two Internet Protocol (IP) telephony devices are best categorized as client components? (Choose two.) Which two Cisco IP telephony products provide advanced call routing? (Choose two.) SMARTnet and SMARTnet Onsite provide which two services? (Choose two.) Which device is installed in user devices and makes wireless connections between them and a network? On what type of network does the Cisco Unified Communication system reside? What does a router do? A company is interested in using IP telephony to save money on phone communications. What must be in place before an IP telephony solution can be implemented? What creates an encrypted tunnel through a shared public network infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide a secure connection between remote users and a private network? Which Cisco product is a software component that blocks unwanted connections and provides other gateway security functions for small business? A consulting firm is locating 30 consultants at a client site for a nine-month project. What need does the firm have that can be met by a wireless solution? The Aironet 1100 and 1200 Series components are intended to support which network technology? What distinguishes IP telephony from standard analog telephony? Which Internet Protocol (IP) telephony element is best categorized as a voice application component? Which tool provides a complete guide that makes it easier for partners, regardless of their experience level, to sell Cisco Unified Communications solutions to their customers? What is an attack that occurs when a string of unnecessary commands or requests is sent to a network device? How many layers are in the OSI model? Which two operate on the network layer of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model? (Choose two) Which open standard promotes interoperability among the wireless client adapters and dial-in servers of various manufacturers? Which Cisco product is a hardware component that supports content filtering and other gateway security functions for the Catalyst 6500 Series? What type of approach is used to deploy, operate, and optimize Cisco solutions? A global manufacturer of automobile parts wants to implement specialized voice applications to increase productivity and reduce the cost of overseas toll calls. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need? Which two scenarios are opportunities for selling a Cisco VPN solution? (Choose two.) Which Internet Protocol (IP) telephony component category includes network-based software elements that enable advanced IP telephony functions? Which Cisco program fairly and equitably rewards partners that actively identify, develop, and win new business opportunities in targeted market segments? What does the Cisco Technical Support Services portfolio provide customers? Which interoperability standard provides a maximum speed on a wireless local-area network (WLAN) of 11 megabits per second? What is the key element in SMB solutions? A software engineering firm wants to streamline call center operations to reduce customer wait times and improve employee productivity. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need? What is a benefit of Internet protocol (IP) telephony? Cisco 12000 Series routers provide carrier-class availability and performance in both the network backbone and at the edges. This solution is appropriate for a _____. What strategy will protect network resources and services from unauthorized actions? What is the primary Cisco goal for developing networking technology? A partnership between an architectural firm and an engineering consulting company requires a network-to-network connection to boost productivity and prevent interception of proprietary information. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need? What is a wide-area network (WAN)? Which feature does the Cisco IOS provide for networks? Which technology is best deployed to meet the needs of users who desire secure remote access to corporate resources? What are two software-based attacks that disable individual workstations and typically spread from user to user by e-mail? (Choose two.) SAS and SASU provide which two services? (Choose two.) Which wireless local-area network (WLAN) device is often used to make wireless connections between buildings or campuses? Which component should you use to reduce collision issues on a large LAN? What resource allows Cisco partners to get funding for preapproved activities, such as catalogs, yellow pages, events, trainings, e-mail blasts, and advertising?