646-203 - CSE - Cisco Sales Expert Exam

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Example Questions

You show your boss at the current storage solution used by the company. A SCSI interface connects the file server with discs in a storage cabinet. She asks you what this storage solution is called. What should you tell her? What is a wide-area network (WAN)? You work as a network consultant at . One of your clients has a campus LAN. The client asks you which area in their network is used as A) the aggregation point distribution-area switches. And B) the connection point between the access and core areas Which two characteristics of optical networks allow data to be transmitted over extremely long distances? (Choose two) How does a switch respond when it receives a message? Internet Protocol TV Broadcasting (IP/TV) is appropriate for which two business scenarios? (Choose two) As a instructor you are giving a lecture on the Cisco AVVID model. A student asks you which component belongs in the Unified Control Plane layer. What is your reply? What are two tasks the network gatekeeper performs in an Internet Protocol videoconferencing (IP/VC) system? (Choose two) You work as a network consultant at . One client has the following requirements:WAN monitoringTraffic managementAccess controlto administer a routed network build on Cisco devices You are required to recommend a Cisco product for this client. What would you recommend? provide content networks to service providers. Which of the following statements are correct? You work as a network consultant at . One of your clients has separate networks for data, voice and video. Now they want to use only one network, thus saving money. They also want to enable collaborative online video editing software. What Cisco solution should you recommend? Content networking solutions improve access to which two types of content? (Choose two.) You work as a network consultant at . One of your clients needs a synchronous data mirroring solution. What Cisco transport product would be the most appropriate? You work as a network consultant at . One of your clients has a packet-switched Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network. Now they want use two-way transmission of voice traffic. What should you tell the client? Select two. Cisco.com is a portal that provides customers access to________. Which Cisco product provides network services that include management of virtual storage-area networks (VSANs), advanced traffic management, and sophisticated diagnostics? Building long-term relationships with customers is the goal of which Cisco activity? Doug, your trainee, asks you why authentication is a part of a network security solution. What should you tell Doug? Which two Internet Protocol (IP) telephony devices are best categorized as infrastructure components? (Choose two.) Your trainee asks you what good Cisco IOS is for networks. What should you tell him? Which content network component maintains original source content and publishes content to the network edge? Your trainee Jack is curious about IP telephony elements. Which of the following can be said to be a call management component? What best characterizes Cisco Virtual Private Network/Security Management Solution (VMS)? What are two components of a wide-area network (WAN)? Select two. Which networking solution is appropriate for a financial services firm with employees in remote offices who expect to have access to the same internal communications as employees at primary company facilities? Which IP telephony component provides call processing, such as signaling that in traditional voice network is provided by switching equipment, such a PBX? What distinguishes IP telephony from standard analog telephony? You work as a network consultant at . One of your clients has decided to purchase a Cisco 12000 Series router in order to provide carrier-class availability and performance in both the network backbone and at the edges. When would this solution be appropriate? Which CiscoWorks network management solution provides end-to-end quality of service (QoS) for enterprise networks with converged voice, video, and data? Which two scenarios are opportunities for selling a Cisco VPN solution? (Choose two.) SMARTnet and SMARTnet Onsite provide which two services? (Choose two.) In a campus LAN which area has the following characterstics? It is the aggregation point for access-area switches. It provides connection between the access and core areas. As a instructor you are required to select the valid statement. How can businesses, schools, or government organizations benefit from Cisco ACNS? Select two. You work as a network consultant at . You are securing a network for a client. You implement physical and virtual barriers in order to protect the network. What network security element corresponds to this activity? The Cisco advance replacement service relies on a global infrastructure of depots located in _______. Which open standard promotes interoperability among the wireless client adapters and dial-in servers of various manufacturers? provides content networks to service providers. In which two modes is able to deliver content? (Choose two) Which content network component provides fault tolerance, scalability, and load balancing? You work as DSL broadband sales person at . What should you tell potential DSL customers? Which benefit does digital subscriber line (DSL) systems for broadband access provide to the user? Which component should you reduce collision issues on a large LAN? Which is an opportunity indicator for a CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager (QPM) solution? Which component connects dissimilar network environments? Internet Protocol TV broadcasting (IP/TV) is appropriate for which two business scenarios? (Choose two.) What supports the way-way transmission of voice traffic over a packet-switched Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network? An essential element of Cisco development has been its leading role in advancing what network protocol? provides content networks to service providers. One service provider requires the content network to maintain the origin source content. The content must also be published on the network edge. Which network component handles these two issues? Which device connects a local-area network (LAN) to a wide-area network (WAN)? You work at and you required to target potential customers to sell Cisco virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions. Which of the following two should you contact? (Choose two) What is the purpose of authentication components in a network security solution?