646-048 - Advanced Routing and Switching for Account Managers - ARSAM

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Example Questions

Which three statements are true about Cisco distribution switches? (Choose three.) What is the minimum number of rules that is necessary in a CPU ACL to allow all access from a single VLAN to the management interface, yet prevent management access from all other VLANs while permitting all other traffic? Which statement about H-REAP and FlexConnect APs on a Cisco WLC is false? Cisco WiSM controllers have multiple interface types. Which two interfaces must be present and configured at setup time? (Choose two.) The IT manager acknowledges that some security issues that are shown in a detailed security index report violate company policies. However, the security index does not change after synchronizing the configuration of the Cisco WLC on Cisco WCS. What are two possible reasons for this issue? (Choose two.) Which of the below devices can cause unintentional RF jamming attacks against an 802.11 wireless network? (Choose two.) Which of the following statements is not true about Cisco EnergyWise? When LAG is enabled, all ports participate in LAG by default. Which statement about LAG is true? Which IEEE standard allows for the use of multiple 2-MHz communication channels within the 2.4-GHz spectrum? Which two statements about virtual interfaces on a WLC are true? (Choose two.) What is the advantage of EAP-FAST compared to LEAP? What does not need to be considered when looking into the customer workflow? Which two statements best describe an enterprise architecture? (Choose two.) Which of the following features is not provided by the Cisco ASR 1000 Series routers? You are designing a wireless infrastructure for an enterprise customer in the busy international banking district of Tokyo. All the client adapters are fairly modern, so you have turned off 802.11b speeds to reduce the size of your cells. Which channels will you choose to make optimum use of the available spectrum? Which statement describes the operation of an access point in Rogue Location Discovery Protocol mode? Which set of steps shows the correct order for adding an SSID with WPA security on a new VLAN via the GUI on an autonomous AP? Which statement about using the internal DHCP server feature on a Cisco WLC is true? DNS is configured to respond with a list containing multiple controller addresses. Upon DNS discovery, which statement is true? Which of the following statements are not correct about Client Management Frame Protection (MFP)? (Choose 2.) A clause 15 radio uses ___________ and supports data rates of ___________ . After interviewing the customer to understand its wireless client requirements, you determine that 802.11b must be enabled to support legacy clients within a mixed-mode environment. What recommendation will have the greatest mitigation on the effects of 802.11b clients on the rest of the network? When using DNS discovery, you must configure DNS to respond to which of the following? Which statement does not correctly describe the impact of business video applications to the network? Which two statements about the Cisco WCS alarms and events are true? (Choose two.) The QoS implementation for WLANs differs from QoS implementations on other Cisco devices. Which two actions do QoS enabled autonomous bridges perform? (Choose two) Which local DHCP pools that are configured on an autonomous IOS AP will properly work and lease IP addresses to the wireless clients without using the "ip helper-address" command? Which three best describe the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture? (Choose three.) Which of the following statements are true regarding RLDP? (Choose two) You are converting your wireless infrastructure from a data-only design to a location services design. Which task do you need to complete? Which three are advantages of Cisco Prime LMS? (Choose three.) You have 2 WLCs with management IP addresses of and respectively. Your APs reside on a different subnet. Which of the below DHCP options needs to be configured? To avoid classification at all switches within a QoS domain, a switch port may be configured in a trusted state. Which two statements are true regarding the trust state configuration of a switch port? (Choose two.) Which three statements accurately describe the evolution of the workplace and the importance of the network? (Choose three.) You want to prevent a wireless client with a MAC address of 00:40:96:a5:b5:d4 from associating with an autonomous AP. Which commands do you use on the autonomous AP? Which two are switch security features that enable a secure borderless network? (Choose two.) Which of the following Cisco Catalyst switch families is typically deployed outside the wiring closet? Which two protocols or processes can be used for a switched network to control distribution of multicast traffic at Layer 2? (Choose two.) One of your customers is thinking of deploying wireless in a building. Which two items should you establish in a pre-site survey? (Choose two.) You wish to configure a Cisco WCS to provide an additional layer of security by outlining which APs your DHCP servers will respond to. Which two pieces or combinations of information can be used to achieve this objective? (Choose two.) How can you configure an NTP server address for Cisco Secure ACS 5.2? You are working for a South American services integrator. Your customer has a working unified Cisco WLC solution in Costa Rica (-A domain). You need to integrate an office in Panama (-N domain); correct APs are already deployed for this domain. Which approach do you take? When configuring NAC in-band to work with a Cisco WLC, which statement is true, from a WLC perspective? Before conducting a passive RF site survey with a standalone AP, which two of these should be statically configured on the AP? (Choose two.) Which two are components of Cisco MediaNet that simplify network assessment, monitoring, and troubleshooting? (Choose two.) Which two statements describe the role of core technologies with regard to business processes? (Choose two.) Which of the following is not a challenge to the enterprise campus? What is the benefit of using a CA-signed certificate over a self-signed certificate? Which aggregate of the IPv6 addresses 2001:0303:0000:5000:0000:052B:0000:0000/96 and 2001:0303:0000:5000:0000:052C:0000:0000/96 has the longest possible mask? ABC Company end users are reporting voice roaming issues. Which two situations are possible causes? (Choose two.)