644-906 - Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies Using IOS XR - (IMTXR)

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Example Questions

Which two commands will allow you to check if interface Bundle-Ether1 has ACL Ethernet_In applied to its ingress? (Choose two.) How many stages are there in the Cisco CRS-1 switch fabric? Which user privilege level is needed to create a nonowner SDR? Which of the following configurations adds a community to routes that are matched on AS criteria? Which command in Cisco IOS XR Software is the recommended way to configure an IPv4 address on an interface? In order to determine the hardware and firmware revision of a linecard, what is the correct command that should be invoked? Which two of the following statements regarding task-based authorization are true? (Choose two.) Which of the following functions can be configured in the Administration Config mode? (Choose two) Which command configures IPv4 uRPF strict mode on an interface? Which answer best summarizes the difference between p and px images, hfr-mini-p.vm-4.1.1 and hfr-mini-px.vm-4.1.1, respectively? Which command should be used to view only the running configuration of OSPF in Cisco IOS XR Software? Which component is shared between different SDRs? Which command will correctly deactivate asr9k-mpls-p-4.1.0? On a Cisco CRS, which statement is correct about what happens to the MSC if the associated PLIM is absent? What is the effect of configuring "logging disable"? A network administrator needs to configure a default IPv4 route for a Cisco CRS-1 router. Which Cisco IOS XR command will accomplish this task? What are the two prerequisites for enabling multicast-only fast reroute (MoFRR) in a network? (Choose two.) In which mode can you check the power usage of a chassis? What is the correct Cisco IOS XR CLI command to assign a cost of 20 to interface TenGigE 0/1/0/1 for Area 0? What is the correct procedure to associate a VRF to a static route? In Cisco IOS XR Software, Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) would be configured on POS 0/0/0/0 using which commands? Which statement is false? In which two ways do you set the maximum number of Telnet sessions to 10? (Choose two.) Where is the LPTS policer applied? Which three configuration steps are mandatory in order to enable NetFlow sampling on Cisco IOS XR Software? (Choose three.) What are the two commands to show all log entries except BGP or configuration-related ones? (Choose two.) Which Cisco IOS XR command is the most useful for checking if traffic is being sent for a specific multicast group? The Cisco CRS 16-Slot Line Card Chassis Site Planning Guide suggests having 48 inches of clearance behind the chassis. What would definitely happen to the system if there were only 28 inches of clearance behind the Cisco CRS 16-Slot Line Card Chassis? Which uRPF mode specifies that the source address of the packet is checked against the FIB to make sure that it is being received on the interface that is selected as the best path to this source address? Which two of the following are correct commands to activate the PIE file <hfr-mgbl-p.pie-4.0.1>? (Choose two.) Which Cisco IOS XR command would you use to view the actual traffic statistics of packets that are exiting the router in the different configured QoS queues on TenGigE 0/0/0/0 in Cisco IOS XR Software? Which command will show the IP address of a Cisco Discovery Protocol neighbor? Which configuration command will set EXEC shell timeout on the console to 300 seconds? How would MPLS Label Distribution Protocol, Graceful Restart be configured on TenGigE 0/0/0/1? What is the size of the packets that traverse the Cisco CRS-3 switch fabric? Which optional PIE do you need to install if you want to use XML for the management and configuration of Cisco IOS XR Software? Which Cisco IOS XR command sequence will load a specific configuration? What is the main function of LPTS? What is the effect of a mandatory process, if it keeps restarting? How many planes are there in the Cisco CRS-3 switch fabric? What is the correct command to copy the contents of the harddisk:/showtech folder to an FTP server? Which is-is router interface configuration command will configure the authentication password for IS-IS Hello (IIH) messages without actually sending the password with the IIH over the network? What is the cell size of the cells that traverse the switch fabric on the Cisco CRS-3? In Cisco IOS XR platforms, IP multicast packets are replicated on which two components? (Choose two.) What is the maximum long-term normal operating temperature of the Cisco CRS-1, ASR 9000 Series Routers, and XR 12000 Series Routers? What is the correct Cisco IOS XR command to configure an autonomous system number 1000 for BGP and to support IPv4, IPv6, and unicast routing? What are the three potential use cases of NetFlow in an actual network deployment? (Choose three.) How many stages of switching are there on a Cisco ASR 9000 Series Router switch fabric? Which configuration is required in order for chassis management (for example, power and fan statistics) to be polled using SNMP? If the fpd.pie is installed but not activated and FPD Auto-Upgrade is enabled, which statement is true?