642-996 - Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric (DCUFD)

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Example Questions

Which technology provides the ability to use all links in a LAN topology by providing an active- active path to the upstream switch? What documents are not typically an output that is deliverable from the design phase? Your customer would like to run FCoE in the access layer. Which fabric extender should the customer utilize in its design? What is a required component to run FCoE? When designing a collapsed core data center, which two technologies are used to virtualize the core and aggregation layers? (Choose two.) Which of the following is true with respect to Cisco Adapter FEX? Which software runs on a device that is connected to a TrustSec-enabled port? After a recent acquisition, you have been asked to merge two SANs into one. Which SAN topology is Cisco recommended? What design will effect traffic flows in the Data Center Core layer? Which tool is a part of the Cisco ACE product family and is a critical component for cloud computing architectures? Which protocols are Cisco recommended for connecting the main data center to a remote data center? A customer is interested in endpoint security at the access layer, which option is Cisco recommended? Which physical data center design will reduce cabling and keep all of the cables within a rack? In a medium size Data Center, which three routing protocols would you use? (Choose Three.) What is one example that is true concerning network management for the data center? Layer 2 forwarding of multicast traffic with vPC is based on which modified protocol? Your customer is designing a new data center and would like the aggregation layer to be able to route and have Layer 3 capability. What Cisco platform will meet this requirement? Which two technologies can overcome the link blocking feature that STP implements to ensure a loop-free topology? (Choose two.) Which technologies will be found in a data center that is designed for Cisco equipment? The classical aggregation layer design does not provide isolation on the control plane and on the data plane. What is the solution to this problem? Cisco VM-FEX technology extends Cisco Fabric Extender technology to the virtual machine that eliminates which of the following? Which Cisco Nexus product operates inside the VMware ESX hypervisor, and supports the Cisco VM-FEX server virtualization technology? What is one example of typical business requirements that are driving the design of installed base data centers? Cisco VM-FEX technology extends Cisco Fabric Extender technology to the virtual machine that eliminates which one of the following? Which item represents a method of increasing storage utilization efficiency? The architectural components of the infrastructure are the access layer, the aggregation layer, and the core layer. What is the principal advantage of this model? Access layer switches are located as which type of design to provide network connectivity to servers that are installed in rack? What is one of the benefits within a Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)? Which three control plane operations are used by vPC? (Choose three.) Your customer is designing a new data center with FCoE. Which three appropriate platforms are capable of meeting this requirement? (Choose three.) What is one required component to run FCoE? Your customer has asked you to recommend a data center storage design that includes Multihop FCoE for 400 database servers running on Cisco UCS C460M2 Rack Servers with Cisco UCS VIC 1225. Which of these server connectivity options is Cisco recommended for scalability and cost- effectiveness? The classical access layer has its limitations due to high rate in which of the following? What is the most common design requirement when creating a data center solution? Which innovation in the Cisco NX-OS Software brings an entirely new Layer 2 data plane by encapsulating the frames entering the device with a header that consists of a routable source and destination address? From a data center design perspective, which of the following is true in regard to network management tools like Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) and CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS)? In a geographically diverse data center environment, which high-availability feature allows data centers to simultaneously serve the same content to all sites? Which Cisco Nexus switch offers possibilities for implementation of the virtual switching layer in VMware? Which command sequence represents a correct process to establish OSPF peer authentication credentials? What is required to be configured in VMware vCenter to allow a VM direct access to a Fibre Channel LUN? What are the benefits of an Adapter FEX? When migrating an existing data center network to a unified fabric network, which transitions should you expect to see? Which access layer technology will provide redundancy if there is a link failure on a server link? What is one example of a business requirement that drives the design of a newly installed data center? Spanning Tree Protocol runs at which functional layer of the data center? Which technology provides additional scalability and simplification of an Ethernet network, providing more efficient forwarding and eliminating the need for the STP? What is required to allow for FCoE multihop prior to the ratification of FC-BB-6? In the data center architecture, which layer performs load balancing between data centers? The classical access layer has its limitations due to a high value in which of the following items? When designing a data center environment with ECMP and IP routing between the data center network segments, which design would be the most suitable?