642-995 - Unified Computing Troubleshoot

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Example Questions

In order to perform a SAN boot, which entry should be located in the FCNS database? What information can be learned from the output of the Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM CLI show svs connections command? Which tool can be used to implement console connectivity to a server that does not have an attached physical console that is sometimes referred to as a headless server? Which of the following ports on a Cisco UCS 6120 can operate at a speed of 1 Gb? After a memory upgrade, a customer's server fails to boot. Which of the following could cause a server to be unable to boot? Which command will determine whether a device is logged into the fabric and can communicate with other members of its zone? A chassis has all four I/O module ports connected but only one is being used. Which action will establish full functionality to all four ports? The extension key value that is registered in the VMware vCenter Server can always be viewed using which of the following? Which CLI shell would be used to view the service profile configuration? Which Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server is capable of RAID 5? The show pinning border-interface command shows interfaces Ethernet 1/15-16 as down. Under what circumstances might the ports actually be enabled and functioning in spite of the command output to the contrary? After connecting to an M71KR server adapter, which command displays the adapter's vifs WWNs? Which tool can be used to view server temperature sensors? Which Cisco Nexus 1000V VM network adapter must be configured first when adding adapters to the VM guest for the Cisco VSM installation? What is a probable cause of a failure when both Cisco VSMs are in active state? On a Cisco UCS cluster, the TFTP Core File Exporter feature uses which networking protocol? On a Cisco UCS system, which is the default Call Home policy type? Which of the following commands would you execute from the Cisco UCSM shell? By default, how long are cleared faults retained in the fault log? Which of the following is an example of information that is recorded in the system event logs? On a Cisco UCS fabric interconnect, by default, in which directory does the show tech support command place output? What is the minimum requirement for a port profile to be used by the VMware Administrator? Which statement is true regarding Layer 2 control plane operations when viewed using the Cisco Nexus 1000V command line interface? A customer would like to use Ethanalyzer to view the Ethernet traffic that is passing through a fabric interconnect. In a Cisco UCS environment, what type of traffic that is passing through a fabric interconnect can be analyzed? Which of the following Fibre Channel services does not run on a fabric interconnect in Fibre Channel end-host mode? Which operation is most likely to cause the corruption of an I/O module? A Cisco UCS cluster has two four-link I/O module connections to a single chassis. Server 8 is provisioned with an M72-KR mezzanine card, which is pinned to I/O module Port 4. If I/O module Port 4 fails, what happens to the Ethernet traffic flow that is transmitted by Server 8? Under which circumstance will the Cisco UCSM show a DIMM status as degraded? Which transport protocol is used by the Core File Exporter? Which of the following pertains to Cisco UCSM access issues? A customer is trying to troubleshoot a Cisco UCS connectivity issue. Which Cisco UCS shell can run the ping and traceroute utilities? Which of the following Cisco MDS commands displays the link state of Fibre Channel ports? What is required of the upstream Fibre Channel switch when a fabric interconnect is in Fibre Channel switch mode? Which of the following would prevent a service profile from associating with a blade? In a fully provisioned Cisco UCS 5108 chassis, how many fan modules are present? A Cisco UCS administrator discovers that an uplink port on a fabric interconnect has the PortFast attribute defined. What does this imply about the mode of the fabric interconnect? What is the most likely cause if a newly installed VEM can be seen in the VMware vCenter Server Nexus 1000V DVS but not in the Cisco VSM show module command? A Cisco MDS administrator discovers that the port that is connected to a fabric interconnect is operating in F mode. What does this imply about the mode of the fabric interconnect? Which policy type can be configured to monitor motherboard temperature?

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