642-994 - Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Systems Implementation (DCUCI)

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Example Questions

How many VLANs on the UCS must be configured when using FCoE? What is the maximum number of virtual network interface cards that the Cisco UCS M81KR VIC supports? Which three options are advantages when consolidating standalone servers into a Cisco UCS chassis that is populated with blades? (Choose three.) Which entity is critical to allowing Service Profiles to be portable? What is the size of WWN addresses? Which three roles are predefined in the Cisco UCS system? (Choose three.) Which two options are advantages of virtualization employed within the modern data center? (Choose two.) Which three protocols can be used to back up a Cisco UCS system? (Choose three.) When creating a service profile using the Expert Wizard in a single vlan vnic configuration which four options are available? (Choose four.) Once a Cisco UCS blade is removed from the chassis, the internal diagnostic LED states are saved and are persistent _____. Which three are examples of virtualization in a data center? (Choose three.) A network administrator is viewing the control plane traffic flowing through their network in real- time. What built-in feature enabled this ability? The Cisco Nexus 1000V requires which of the following VLANs to be configured? (Choose three.) Identify three benefits with the integration of the Cisco Nexus 1KV and VIC. (Choose three.) On what basis are world wide node names assigned? Which type of backup occurs when restoring a fabric interconnect using the CLI? Cisco UCS Manager uses SOAP APIs over which protocol to interact with VMware vCenter? In UCSM, where are Call Home conditions for monitoring configured? Which two Cisco UCS features facilitate easy deployment of server farms? (Choose two.) Which two steps are the result of associating a blade server? (Choose two.) Which is the proper fan and power configuration for a Cisco 5108 Chassis? Which two factors determine the recommended maximum number of virtual interfaces on a Cisco UCS system? (Choose two.) What do management group hierarchies manage? Which three products are included in the Cisco data center virtualization solution? (Choose three.) Which two statements are correct regarding opt-in models in a Smart Call Home environment? (Choose two.) Which option will prevent a server from booting from SAN, using the Cisco UCS M81KR-VIC adapter? Company policy states that all system event logs need to be stored in a central repository. Which two formats are available within the Cisco UCS Manager for system event log policy backup? (Choose two.) Which two statements describe characteristics of SAN pin groups? (Choose two.) Which option is not a benefit of incorporating virtualization technologies into the data center? Which Cisco product performs virtualized Ethernet switching within a VMware ESX host? Which option indicates a critical error condition regarding the Cisco UCS blade server health LED? Which statement about a Service Profile is most accurate? What is the maximum number of AC power supplies that can be installed in a Cisco UCS chassis? Which three pieces of information are contained in a Service Profile for related vNICs? (Choose three) Which three statements about Server Pools in the Cisco UCS are true? (Choose three.) In the Cisco UCS, which two user objects will you find? (Choose two.) Which two technologies will enable I/O consolidation in data center virtualization? (Choose two.) What three characteristics best distinguish the Cisco UCS B250 from the Cisco UCS B200? (Choose three). Which of the following must be considered when evaluating the data center environmental elements for a UCS installation? (Choose three.) Which two statements regarding configuring high availability in the Cisco UCS is correct? (Choose two.) The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect supports which port channel protocol? Which two statements about the Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM are true? (Choose two.) When a fabric switch is put into NPV mode what two results will occur? (Choose two.) Which Cisco product is a storage component of the Cisco Unified Fabric architecture? Which component of the Cisco Nexus 1000V monitors the migration of a virtual machine during vMotion events? Which three virtualization technologies are available to a Cisco Fibre Channel storage administrator? (Choose three.) Which two statements about MAC addresses in the Cisco UCS are true? (Choose two.) You have successfully installed the operating system on an EMC Clarion disk array LUN. The operating system will not boot from that LUN. What could be the problem? Which three of the following UCS components can be upgraded? (Choose three.) Which components of the UCS solution include beacon LEDs? (Choose two.)