642-979 - Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist Qualifier Exam

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Example Questions

Which command will associate VLANs 10 and 11 with the FWSM in slot 5? What are two advantages of XML-based configuration over SNMP? (Choose two.) Which two standard technologies are leveraged by DCNM to provide a web services API? (Choose two) What can a Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch administrator do per VDC to provide OOB management? Your Fibre Channel network is deployed using Cisco MDS Switches with VSAN functionality. You connected about the security of the VSAN 100 because that is where the Finance Department applications reside you want to prevent and rouge fiber channel switch from being connected to the VSAN 100. Which security feature could you want to utilize to prevent a rogue Fibre Channel switch? Which two of these logging statements are true? (Choose two.) The install all command performs which two functions? (Choose two) In Cisco NX-OS, what is the most significant difference between SNMP types and SNMP informs? Your company is planning SAN deployment using fiber channel connections from a central, highly secure data center to several less secure branch offices. Which of these security features would allow you to disable all branch office switch management ports and yet still maintain the complete suit of TCP/IP-based SAN management utilities? Which features detect hardware faults and attempts recovery action? When configuring VLANs on the FWSM, how are VLANs associated with contexts? Which component must be configured to implement the Graceful Restart feature? Which policy-map action performs congestion avoidance? A customer has some performance problems in their SAN environment. They want to use a Cisco MDS 9000 Port Analyzer Adapter to connect to the Cisco MDS Switch to troubleshoot the performance problems. Which two options need to be configured on the MDS Switch? (Choose two) Which two of the following are valid SPAN sources in a Cisco Nexus 7000 switch? (Choose two) Which second-generation Fibre Channel module offers a full 4 GB/s line rate on all ports? A Cisco Nexus 7000 system with dual supervisors requires three IP addresses for initial system setup. Which two methods describe how those IP addresses are assigned? (Choose two) Which Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch has non-field-replaceable fans? RBAC component groups are made up of sets of which? VACLs support which two actions? (Choose two) In a Cisco Nexus platform, what are the results if a service is unable to survive a few subsequent restart attempts? Which is the first step of the ISSU process? For purposes of granting restricted access to statically configure iSCSI virtual targets, when three of these can be used to identify iSCSI? (Choose three) Which of these GOLD enhanced features captures and tracks critical information specific to a line card, such as uptime, temperature sensor, and critical errors information? The customer is concerned with the current FCIP deployment because the FCIP tunnels are traversing the public IP infrastructure. To mitigate this issue the customer has decided to deploy IPsec on the Cisco MDS 9Wi Switches that are used for FCIP connectivity what additional license must be installed on the CISCO MDS 9222 switches? How does the Ethernet host Virtualizer accomplishes multiple active uplinks and loop preventions in a cisco Nexus 500 Switch? How many paths can be considered in NX-OS for equal-cost multipathing? What is a benefit of enhanced zoning? Which of these is true in regards to deleting a file from a file system on a Cisco catalyst 6500 series supervisor engine 7207? In the process of creating Cisco TrustSec security associations, what is the role of SGTs? Which two functions are performed by the Link Management Protocol? (Choose two) You are setting up a Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switch, and would like to be able to do two things: enable tracking for interface GigabitEthernet 3/20 in VRRPgroup3 Decrement VRRP router priority by 10. Which command would you use? Information gathered during the DCNM initial discovery includes information about which of the following? What is the grace period in a graceful restart situation? Which two of these environments suggest the use of FCIP Write Acceleration? (Choose two) What would you do to connect Nexus switch to the existing fiber channel SAN, where the Brocade switch with the core PID = 0 is used, without description to the existing network? Which of these commands will enable RPR+ on a cisco catalyst 8500 series switch with supervisor engine 720-3A and supervisor engine 720-3B. What does the bringdown policy do in a VDC high-availability situation? Which option will give you a better compression ratio when FCIP compression is deployed over a slow fiber channel link? In the data plane, which stateful fault recovery reduces the impact of failure? What must be changed when connecting the cisco MDS Switch to an existing McData switch using interoperability mode 4? Which interface should be used to configure VLAN IDs and ACLs in an FCoE adapter of the Cisco Nexus 5000 switch? Why would you use the fc analyzer command? What must you do to enable HTTPS at the access protocol on the NAM? Which of the following tools would you use to view SCSI error count statistics? A customer is connecting some new Cisco MDS switches to an existing Brocade SAN network. The goal is to replace the existing broadcast switches Cisco switches, while maintaining the existing multivendor SAN fabric. What must be configured to use standard interoperability mode between the multivendor equipment? Which two of the following are benefits of the N_Port Virtualizer architecture of the Cisco Nexus 5000 family? (Choose two) When using the Cisco MDS 9000 Switches, which protocol provides in-band management? How do you configure the management port VLAN on the NAM on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch running Cisco Catalyst operating system? In policy-based routing, what action is taken to packets that do not match any of the route-map statements?