642-889 - Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Edge Network Services (SPEDGE)

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Example Questions

When implementing EoMPLS PWs, which configuration is optional? Which two Layer 2 VPN methods support interworking between customer sites with different Layer 2 encapsulation at each end (for example, Frame Relay to Ethernet interworking)? (Choose two.) Which Cisco IOS XR high-availability feature is used to prevent routes from being used before LDP converges? Cisco MPLS TE resource attributes that are configured locally for each link are distributed to the headend router of the traffic engineering tunnel using which protocol? On the Cisco IOS XR, which MQC configuration is different than on the Cisco IOS and IOS XE? Which two statements are correct in describing ISP environments that are running IP/MPLS in the core network? (Choose two.) Within the service provider IP/MPLS core network, what must be implemented to enable Layer 3 MPLS VPN services? Which two statements regarding Cisco 6PE operations are correct? (Choose two.) What are the two AToM interworking modes? (Choose two.) When implementing CSC services, which two methods can be used to exchange label information between the downstream CSC customer carrier and the CSC backbone carrier? (Choose two.) When a link flaps, an mpls ldp session will also flap. Which feature minimizes traffic loss and provides faster convergence after the link is re-established? Which affinity value will be matched by the affinity bit mask of the affinity 0xFF00000A mask 0xFFFF000F command? When implementing MPLS Layer 3 VPNs with customers running OSPF as the CE-PE routing protocol, which situation will require a sham link to be implemented in the MPLS backbone? When implementing MPLS TE tunnels on Cisco IOS XR routers, what is the tunnel setup and hold priority value range, and which value has the highest priority? In which Cisco IOS XR configuration mode is the redistribute static command applied to enable the redistribution of static VRF routes between the PE routers? When implementing VPLS on Cisco IOS XR routers, the customer-facing subinterfaces on the PE routers are assigned to which Cisco EVC component? On Cisco routers, how is hierarchical QoS implemented? When implementing Cisco MPLS TE, the constrained-based path calculations will use which value as the TE cost of each link within the MPLS domain? What is the primary difference between 6PE and 6VPE? Which BGP extended community is used to control the distribution of VPN routing information and to identify routers that may receive a set of routes that carry the community? Which two statements about implementing a separate MPLS VPN to provide customers Internet access are correct? (Choose two.) Which Cisco IOS XR BGP configuration command is required to enable MP-BGP to carry IPv6 VPN routes? Which are typical class-based marking policies that are implemented on service provider IP NGN PE routers? With unmanaged CE routers, at which point in the service provider network is the QoS trust boundary, and what is required at the trust boundary? Which statement is correct regarding the default MPLS TTL behavior? When using the Cisco EVC software infrastructure, a double-tagged frame with a customer VLAN of 10 and a service provider VLAN of 150 will be best matched by which encapsulation configuration? Which two methods can be used for VPLS PW signaling? (Choose two.) In MPLS Layer 3 VPN implementations, what is used on the PE router to isolate potential overlapping routing information between different customers? When implementing MPLS Layer 3 VPNs with customers running OSPF as the CE-PE routing protocol, the service provider MPLS backbone looks like what to the CE routers? Implementing H-VPLS instead of VPLS reduces which requirement? In Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, which protocol is used to carry the VPNv4 routes from PE to PE? Which three mechanisms are used to implement MPLS TE? (Choose three.) VPWS/EoMPLS offers which type of Ethernet services as defined by the MEF? In MPLS Layer 3 VPN implementations, which mechanism is used to control which routes are imported to a VRF? When you are using OSPF as the CE-to-PE routing protocol in MPLS VPN implementations, an OSPF route from customerA site 1 in Area 0 will appear as which kind of OSPF route in customerA site 2, also in Area 0? When troubleshooting LDP operations on the Cisco IOS and IOS XE routers, what is one of the first things that should be verified? You are tasked to enable LDP on many of the interfaces on the Cisco CRS-3 router, and because there are many interfaces that need to have LDP enabled, you mistakenly did not enable LDP on all the required interfaces. To prevent this issue from happening again in the future, what could you do the next time you need to enable LDP on many interfaces? Layer 2 VPN services that are offered by traditional service providers using a SONET/SDH backbone can be implemented by service providers using an IP/MPLS backbone with which MPLS feature? With IPv6, for which purpose are router solicitation and router advertisement used? On Cisco IOS and IOS XE Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, when redistributing the customer RIP routes into MP-BGP, the RIP metric is copied into which BGP attribute? What is the term that is used for the label that an LSR assigns and distributes to other LSRs in MPLS? When using the tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option 1 explicit name test command in Cisco MPLS TE tunnel configurations, the test explicit-path configuration will consist of a list of which values? In which two Cisco IOS XR configuration modes can mpls ldp igp sync be configured? (Choose two.) When defining an explicit MPLS TE tunnel path, which two command options are available under the explicit-path configuration mode? (Choose two.) In Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, if a customer is using the same AS number at both customer sites and the PE-to-CE routing protocol is BGP, what must be enabled on the PE router? In Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, if some of the VPNv4 routes on one PE router do not appear on another PE router, what could be the problem? Currently, a Cisco IOS XR router is configured to send IP SLA probes to a network management station that is acting as the IP SLA target device. How can IP SLA measurement accuracy be improved and also provide additional statistics? Which Cisco IOS XR command should be used in order to enable LDP on all interfaces for which the IGP protocol is enabled? Which Cisco IOS XR command should be used to identify if MPLS TE FRR is enabled? Which Layer 2 protocol parameters can be carried inside the control word when implementing AToM service?