642-885 - Deploying Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing (SPADVOUTE)

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Example Questions

Which two functions are supported for BGP extension MP-BGP for IP multicasting? (Choose two.) Which difference occurs between intradomain and interdomain routing technology? Which option shows the equivalent multicast MAC address mapping of multicast address A CRS router that runs Cisco IOS XR has dual routing processors installed. Which solution should be implemented to prevent OSPF adjacency flapping if the primary routing processor fails? Which technology is categorized as multicast ASM and multicast SSM? Which keyword is used in the syntax to refer to Cisco IOS XR address-family groups, session groups, or neighbor groups? When implementing Anycast RP, the RPs are also required to establish which kind of peering with each other? In Cisco IOS-XR, the maximum-prefix command, to control the number of prefixes that can be installed from a BGP neighbor, is configured under which configuration mode? When a BGP route reflector receives an IBGP update from a non-client IBGP peer, the route reflector will then forward the IBGP updates to which other router(s)? A service provider requests more details about the recent Inter-AS MPLS VPN Option B configuration that was recently deployed. Consider this configuration: router bgp 3717 address-family vpnv4 unicast retain route-target all commit ! Which option describes why this particular command is needed? Which multicast implementation is preferred for traffic that is required by a small number of receivers across a large distributed network? Which multicast group range is reserved for SSM? Which two options are characteristics of configuration templates used by Cisco IOS XR to optimize BGP peering implementations? (Choose two.) Each router (RTA, RTB, and RTC) has one iBGP adjacency with the route reflector router RTD. Router RTC has an iBGP route advertised by RTA, but the same route is missing from RTB. The network engineer verifies that route filtering does not deny the route advertisement. Which action corrects the problem? Which field in the IPv6 header can be used to set the DSCP value? Which two BGP mechanisms are used to prevent routing loops when using a design with redundant route reflectors? (Choose two.) R1 is designated as the PIM RP within the SP core. Which two configuration parameters must be used to enable and activate R1 as the BSR and RP for the core environment? (Choose two.) Which two options are advantages of an IPv6 dual-stack implementation in an enterprise environment? (Choose two.) What must occur before an (S,G) entry can be populated in the multicast routing table? Which configuration for implementing 6PE on an IS-IS-enabled Cisco IOS XR router is correct? What is one of the configuration errors within an AS that can stop a Cisco IOS-XR router from announcing certain prefixes to its EBGP peers? Which command configures a Source Specific Multicast on a Cisco IOS XR router? Which two statements correctly describe the BGP ttl-security feature? (Choose two.) Which command set should be used for a 6to4 tunnel in a Cisco IOS XE router, considering the border interface with IPv4 address of In Cisco IOS-XR, the ttl-security command is configured under which configuration mode? Which command set implements BGP support for NSF/SSO on Cisco IOS XE between a PE and a route reflector? Which two attributes does BGP select before MED? (Choose two.) Which two methods represent IPv6 tunneling implementations? (Choose two.) In secure multicast, which protocol is used to distribute secure keys to a multicast group? What are three BGP configuration characteristics of a multihomed customer that is connected to multiple service providers? (Choose three.) An SP core is running PIM on the network. Multicast groups in this network are in the range. Which command enables multicast routing operations without using an RP? Which information does the multicast supported router need to forward the multicast traffic over the source or shared tree? Which statement is correct regarding MP-BGP? Which configuration would an engineer use to exchange IPv6 multicast routes via BGP with a neighbor that does not support the corresponding Multicast SAFI on Cisco IOS XE? Which type of BGP session behaves like an EBGP session during session establishment but behaves like an IBGP session when propagating routing updates where the local preference, multi-exit discriminator, and next-hop attributes are not changed? Which command set is used to implement an IPv6 PIM with the global scope embedded RP address of 2001:DB8::1 on a Cisco IOS XE router? Which IPv6 mechanism occurs between a provider edge router and the customer premises equipment router to allow an ISP to automate the process of assigning a block of IPv6 addresses to a customer for use within the customer network? A network engineer for an ISP wants to reduce the number of iBGP adjacencies. A merge is taking place with another ISP network, so the network engineer needs to make both ASNs look like a single network for the Internet. Which BGP technology is most suitable? The multicast IP address maps to which multicast MAC address? Which two options are the common methods for implementing Site of Origin on Cisco IOS XE routers for loop avoidance in multihome BGP customers? (Choose two.) Which three statements are correct regarding PIM-SM? (Choose three.) The IPv6 2002::/16 prefix is used in which kind of implementations? Which of the following can be used by dual-stack service providers supporting IPv4/IPv6 customers with dual-stack hosts using public IPv6 addresses and private IPv4 addresses? Which two statements correctly describe the RPF check when a multicast packet arrives at a router? (Choose two.) Which statement is correct regarding using the TTL threshold to define the delivery boundaries of multicast traffic? Which multicast routing protocol supports dense mode, sparse mode and bidirectional mode? The following Cisco IOS-XR configuration command will globally enable which multicast process(es) on the router? RP/0/RP0/CPU0:router(config)# multicast-routing A network engineer must configure a Cisco IOS XR router with BGP dampening. Which configuration meets these parameters? When configuring PIM operations, what is the effect of setting the SPT threshold to infinity? Which protocol can be used to secure multicast in a group multicast solution where group key management is needed for secure key exchange?