642-845 - ONT - Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks

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Example Questions

Auto-Discovery and AutoQoS template generation and installation have been enabled on an interface. How will AutoQoS respond to changed made to bandwidth after the feature is configured? What are the voice traffic characteristics that QoS tools can affect? Which statement is true about the distributed call control in a VoIP network? What is link fragmentation and interleaving (LFI)? Which QoS mechanisms will control the maximum rate of traffic that is sent or received on an interface? Which two statemens about the Wireless Control System (WCS) are true? (Choose two) Which two statements about packet marking at the data link layer are true? (Choose two) Which statement best describes the Cisco 2700 Location Appliance collection of location information for wireless devices? What are the steps for configuring stateful NBAR for dynamic protocols? What is true about Quality of Service (QoS) for VPNs? What is the correct procedure for adding an access point in WCS? Which two Cisco AutoQoS configuration statements are true? (Choose two) What are two characteristics of the DiffServ model? (Choose two) Which two Cisco AutoQoS interface statements are true? (Choose two) What is a drawback to using the IntServ model? What are two steps needed to define a QoS policy for a traffic class? (Choose two) Which two VPN protocols support QoS preclassification? (Choose two) What two steps need to be taken in deploying AutoQoS for Enterprise on routers? (Choose two) What is a method for preventing general voice-quality degradation caused by too many concurent active calls? Which IOS feature provides dial plan scalability and bandwidth management for H.323 VoIP implementations? Which statement about traffic policing and which statement about traffic shaping are true? (Choose two) Which two IntServ functions are required on a router? (Choose two) On it's network, Acme Corporation is using NBAR to classify applications that use well known static TCP and UDP ports. The company has recently added several applications that are not currently recognized y their NBAR implementation. A PDLM file has been downloaded to the routers to be used by NBAR for protocol matching. What action should be taken so that NBAR can use the data in the PDLM file? Which two statements are true about voice ports on a router? (Choose two) What accurely describes the usage of a Cisco AutoQoS command? What are two components of the Cisco Lightweight WLAN solution? (Choose two) Which statement is true about the ip rtp header-compression interface command used on both sides of the Frame Relay point-to-point link? What are two steps that are taken when a router converts a voice signal from analog to digital form? (Choose two) What are two features of the Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) standard? (Choose two) Which Cisco IOS traffic-shaping mechanism statement is true? Acme Company has several offices around the country. The company has deployed a VoIP network with Cisco Unified CallManager in a multisite centralized configuration but there is a requirement to place a call agent at some of the remote sites. Which IOS gateway feature should be deployed at the remote site to enable local call control? Which statement is true about the digital to analog conversion process? QoS preclassification is a term used to describe what Cisco IOS feature? SDM creates a low latency queuing (LLQ) service policy with it's associated classes. What are the two types of low latency queuing available using the SDM QoS wizard? Which QoS preclassification option will require the use of the qos pre-classify command for the VPN traffic? Which two statements are correct about the SDM wizard? (Choose two) What is a feature of low latency queuing? How can a remote wireless client obtain it's Service Set Identifier (SSID)? Which statement is true about the functions provided by a Cisco voice gateway router? Which functionality in the Cisco IOS software will enable a router to permanently act as a call agent for IP phones? What is a prerequisite when configuring AutoQoS on a Cisco router? Which statement is correct about the Cisco QoS SDM wizard? Which two Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) statements are true? (Choose two) Which problem would be a cause for implementing QoS? What are two components of the Cisco Autonomous WLAN solution? (Choose two) Which PHB is identified in the DSCP value of 10111000? Which two statements about the Wireless Location Appliance are true? (Choose two) A stream of voice packets transmitted over a WAN network encounters differing queuing delays. One router in the path used by the voice packets delays some of the packets for 4 ms wile transmitting a large video file, but delays other packets only 2 ms. Another router delays some packets 5 ms, but transmits others in 2 ms. How would you best describe this type of problem? What is supported by the network-based application recognition (NBAR) feature? Which classification tool can be used to classify traffic based on the HTTP URL?

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