642-741 - Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Voice Networks

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Example Questions

Which keypad sequence will reset the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921 to factory default? Which two EAP types does the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G firmware code version 1.3(x) support? (Choose two.) Which three actions are required to access the network statistics on a remote Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G via a web browser? (Choose three.) An LWAPP encapsulated packet is being sent from the Cisco WLC v5.2 to the AP for a wireless WMM client. Can the LWAPP frame be altered to change the resulting final WMM queue for transmission on an 802.11 client? What is the bandwidth requirement of an active duplex wireless call using G.711 codec? Which two actions can be configured by a wireless station using ADDTS when Call Admission Control is configured? (Choose two.) Which three are benefits of U-APSD? (Choose three.) What two benefits result from Cisco WLC configuration of DCA for 5-GHz VoWLAN deployments? (Choose two.) Which three call information items does AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer provide? (Choose three.) Which statement is correct for the LWAPP/CAPWAP AP upstream encapsulated frame for a WMM-associated client frame that is centrally switched running v5.2? Which two statements are correct if IGMP snooping is enabled on a Cisco WLC? (Choose two.) What standard is WMM based on? Which two statements are true about Cisco WLC load-based CAC? (Choose two.) Which explanation describes a wireless client IGMP multicast join request using a Cisco Unified Wireless Network v5.2 architecture of AP to WLAN controller? For which WMM queue is U-APSD most beneficial? What is the WMM user priority of the packets going downstream to the client when the client does not support TSPEC but the Cisco WLC has ACM enabled and WLAN priority is set to Platinum? What is recommended for a wireless LAN infrastructure configuration when using SVP-version SpectraLink phones? On the Cisco Aironet Access Points connected to a Cisco Unified Wireless LAN controller, which TCLAS queue transmits RTP packets with correct 802.11e QoS markings? Which wireless LAN statistics are reported from the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G via a directly connected web browser? What is the Cisco recommendation for VLAN configuration as it relates to QoS for VoWLAN configuration? Which configuration is required for a Vocera badge to function properly on a Cisco WLC? What is the minimum configuration you must do in order to enable multicast support on the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller v5.2? What frame type is used to signal TSPEC reservation from a client? For which two of these purposes are Cisco Spectrum Expert used? (Choose two.) Which three WLC items are required to properly enable queuing with TSPEC for voice traffic? (Choose three.) Which configuration should be done in order to improve the performance of the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G in a WLAN infrastructure? Which information element will the client use if the client intends to use a different PHY rate than the nominal PHY rate advertised? Which statement is NOT a key QoS recommended requirement for voice bearer traffic? Which two statements are correct regarding multicast implementation using a WLAN controller (v5.2) and AP? (Choose two.) Which two range descriptions correctly describe IP addressing to use when enabling multicast support using the Cisco Unified Wireless Solution? (Choose two.) Which ITU-T standard specifies components and protocols that provide real-time audio, video, and data communication over a packet-switched network? What will improve the battery life of a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G? What is the Cisco recommended EDCF queue to use for voice TSPEC? How do Cisco Unified Communications IP phones receive firmware upgrades? What must be true about the client before upstream traffic stream metrics can be displayed on the Cisco WLC? What is the recommended Cisco DSCP value for a switch or router passing Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G RTP packets? Which three statements are true about load-based Call Admission Control? (Choose three.) What are two design considerations for a WLAN to support voice? (Choose two.) Which statement correctly describes a wireless client Layer 2 roam from AP1 to AP2 while joined to a multicast stream using Cisco WLC running v5.2? Which statement describes the call behavior of the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G when it roams from 802.11b to 802.11a? When using simultaneous voice and multicast on a single WLAN and RF band, what is the recommended DTIM value of the WLAN for VoWLAN devices? Which two multicast modes are valid options for use with Ethernet bridging on a mesh AP? (Choose two.) Which deployed VoWLAN client security option is recommended by Cisco? Which three solutions does AirMagnet VoFi Pro Analyzer integrate? (Choose three.) What is the Cisco recommended setting for the Cisco WLCv5.2 DHCP Required on the WLAN for the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G? Which two pieces of information does the Cisco WLC v5.2 client monitor feature provide about a VoWLAN client? (Choose two.) What is the recommended minimum speed at the edge of the cells in an 802.11g network for a good Cisco VoWLAN deployment? Which two statements correctly describe a Cisco WLC configuration of Wireless > QoS > Profiles > Wired_QoS_Profiles for an implementation of DSCP or CoS deployment? (Choose two.) What is the purpose of the WLC Controller->Multicast->IGMP Timeout feature operating on v5.2? Which protocol is used by multicast to prevent loops?