642-736 - Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security (IAUWS)

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Example Questions

Which two statements about the EAP-FAST client-server authentication protocol are true? (Choose two.) What is the Cisco NAC Guest Server account management used for? Which two roles does the Cisco MSE serve in an Adaptive wIPS deployment? (Choose two.) Which two things should you verify if the Cisco NAC Guest Server is configured on the network and the client cannot access the guest network? (Choose two.) Which APs support H-REAP? Which function does a rogue detector access point perform? Which three information items does Spectrum Expert provide to Cisco WCS about an interfering device? (Choose three.) Which two configuration parameters does NAC OOB require on a SSID/WLAN? (Choose two.) When troubleshooting clients on the Diagnostic channel, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) Which two options are valid for configuring a controller IDS signature rule? (Choose two.) When deploying guest WLAN access using the anchor controller, the foreign controller initiates the EoIP tunnel to the anchor controller through which interface? Which Adaptive wIPS component is the central point or alarm aggregation from all controllers and their respective Adaptive wIPS monitor mode APs and is where the alarm information and forensic files are stored for archival purposes? Which default port(s) are used for communications between the controller and the Cisco IPS Sensor? Which two 802.11 frame types can be used in a virtual carrier (big NAV) attack? (Choose two.) Cisco Wireless LAN Controller web authentication can use which three databases? (Choose three.) Cisco MFP is used to protect which types of class 3 management frames? When deploying guest WLAN access using the anchor controller, which is used to transport the guest data traffic between the foreign and anchor controllers? As of controller release v5.2, which two statements about wired guest access support are true? (Choose two.) What two configuration parameters are usually different on the foreign and anchor controllers? (Choose two.) What can prevent an eavesdropping attack? Which IETF RADIUS attributes can be used for dynamic VLAN assignment? Dynamic VLAN assignment can be done on a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller using which two attributes? (Choose two.) Which two actions can controller lobby ambassadors perform? (Choose two.) Which command tests the mobility ping over UDP? Which two traits make a rogue the most dangerous in terms of security vulnerability? (Choose two.) How does Cisco implement infrastructure MFP? The basic EAP protocol consists of which packet types? An RF jamming attack can be mitigated with which tactic? Which authentication protocol does H-REAP AP local authentication support? The wireless client can roam faster on the Cisco Unified Wireless Network infrastructure when which condition is met? Which three 802.1x Authentication Modes can be configured with Cisco Secure Services Client supplicant? (Choose three.) ACLs configured on the controller can be applied to which three options? (Choose three.) What is the purpose of looking for anomalous behavior on a WLAN infrastructure? Which two steps are required for creating a wired guest user? (Choose two.) Which WLAN security feature enables clients to securely roam from one access point to another without the need to reauthenticate to the RADIUS server? For wireless NAC OOB implementation, the Cisco WLC is added on the Cisco NAC Appliance Manager as what kind of device? Which two attacks are examples of Layer 2 denial of service attacks? (Choose two.) Which configuration option can make the shared secret between the controller and the RADIUS server more secure? When implementing an Cisco IPS Sensor in a multi-controller network, what is the recommended configuration? Which two options are supported when deploying wireless NAC out-of-band implementations? (Choose two.) Which two statements about the switch port tracing feature are true? (Choose two.) What is necessary for web authentication in a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller? Where do the guest WLANs have to be configured when using the foreign and anchor controller approach? What does the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller allow AAA override configuration apply to the WLAN? When will the controller retrieve the shun list from the Cisco IP Sensor? Why is the guest LAN configured on the foreign controller? To assign Cisco Airespace vendor-specific attributes to a wireless client, the wireless controller needs to be defined as which type of AAA client in Cisco Secure ACS Server? Which three items are needed to execute an effective hijacking attack? (Choose three.) Which EAP types does Cisco Secure ACS support? When adding a new Local Net User on the controller, what happens if the Guest User check box is selected?