642-732 - CCNP Wireless - CUWSS

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Example Questions

You have been contacted by a medium-sized hospitality company that has 50 hotels. They would like to upgrade their existing WLAN in each hotel to 802.11n. While performing the site surveys for each hotel, what are the issues that you need to take into consideration when determining the locations for each AP? Which two issues can commonly create problems with positioning an antenna on a rooftop? (Choose two.) What two factors could cause a post-deployment audit to show a high retransmission rate for the WLAN? (Choose two.) You have a customer that operates a large open pit coal mine in the western United States. They need to deploy a wireless point-to-point bridge link across the mine. The distance of the link is 1.5 miles. Which three things do you need to consider prior to performing the site survey for this bridge link? (Choose three.) How would clients react to a controller configuration that utilized unsupported channels? You have completed a site survey for a customer that refurbishes/remanufactures automobile engines. The site survey has determined that there are approximately 70 clients in the facility, but because of the large number of engines as many as 2500 RFID tags will need to be tracked through location services to provide historical location information and audit trails. The results of the site survey require 60 APs for data and location services. How many version 7.0 controller(s) will provide the most cost effective solution? You have a client that would like to upgrade their 2.4-GHz point-to-point wireless bridge link between buildings in their facility in Mexico. Currently, they have radios from vendor A that are transmitting at 14 dBm with 6 dBm antennas. They would like to upgrade the radios to vendor B but keep the existing antennas. The new radios from vendor B have a fixed transmit power of 7 dBm. How should you proceed? When performing a site survey, what is a typical usable range for client signal strength? You have completed a WLAN site survey for a customer. Which two pieces of information will need to be included in the final customer report? (Choose two.) Which term defines the effects on RF known as free space path loss? When does the curvature of the earth become a factor in an outdoor RF point-to-point link? The customer has an existing 802.11b/g network with Cisco 2500 controllers. The customer would like to migrate to an 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN. Which network infrastructure issue might impact client performance in this proposed controller-based solution? When using WCS 7.0 to calibrate a floor in a facility, which two factors are common to the point and linear calibration methods? (Choose two.) What is the biggest challenge a customer faces when they are presented with the post-installation report? For better compatibility with 802.11n clients, which 802.11a channels should be utilized? Which wireless tool would be most useful in planning a WLAN solution prior to performing a site survey? Which option will allow the maximum 2.4 GHz channel usage for a survey and voice deployment in the ETSI domain? When using WCS 7.0 to calibrate a floor, is it more important to collect 50 or more distinct locations or to collect 150+ measurements? Which item is the most common limiting factor in an outdoor coverage for mesh deployment? Which two statements best describe the Fresnel zone related to an outdoor RF point-to-point link? (Choose two.) How does WCS 7.0 calculate the map location of devices? Which two issues do access and backhaul radios experience in mesh networks? (Choose two.) A design requires 100 access points with high channel bandwidth and disabled lower data rates. How are the data rates set on the Cisco WLC and Cisco WCS? Which two of the following are considered best practices upon the completion of a wireless installation? (Choose two.) What is the optimal distance between APs for location services without taking into consideration the physical environment? Which type of information should be included in an installation report? Which item is more of an issue to outdoor wireless mesh deployment than indoor? What are two reasons that it is always preferable to obtain a digital copy of the "as built" drawings for a site you need to perform a WLAN site survey on? (Choose two.) What is the vertical height that a MAP should not exceed for proper deployment? If you are calibrating for 2.4 GHz and the site will not be using 802.11 and 802.11b data rates, what should be done to ensure an accurate calibration? Which piece of information gathered during a WLAN site survey should be included in the customer report? Customer requirements and a WLAN site survey require a Cisco 1250 AP operating at full 802.11a/b/g/n located approximately 150 meters from the closest IDF. What is the best solution to provide wireless coverage to this portion of the customer's facility? During the site survey kick-off meeting with your customer, they ask why you need to verify the existing network infrastructure. Which two reasons do you give them? (Choose two.) You have been contacted by a medium sized medical center to do a site survey of their existing WLAN. The current network is set up with multiple SSIDs/VLANs to separate voice and data and the networks functioning properly. The medical center would like to add Vocera voice badges to the existing VoWLAN. Which two issues need to be considered during the site survey? (Choose two.) What does a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G deployment require? Which two basic factors have the most influence on the size of the Fresnel zone of an outdoor RF point-to-point link? (Choose two.) When ordering the software licenses for a Cisco WLAN project, what are the minimum software packages required if the location requires 390 lightweight APs, 100 of which will be used for location services, and a Cisco 3310 MSE? In post-deployment testing you have identified an area where there is a substantial rate- shift issue causing problems with the existing Cisco 7921 phones. How might you resolve this issue? What is the recommended method to protect a wireless outdoor bridge from lightning? You have been asked to evaluate a deployed version 7.0 controller based WLAN, which includes a Cisco WCS and an MSE3310. Currently, the customer has a approximately 1900 clients and 300 RFID tags. The customer is complaining of problems tracking clients and RFID tags. What can be done to correct this problem? The customer had a 802.11b/g WLAN site survey and installation two years ago with the final service performing as expected. Since that time, the customer has experienced modest customer growth while maintaining employee headcount. New wireless applications are being evaluated along with a possible temporary headcount increase, but the current WLAN performance has noticeable performance degradation. What is the most likely cause of the WLAN performance problems? You have been asked to evaluate a new version 7.0 controller-based WLAN deployment. The customer wants to increase the number of indoor tags their network supports. How do you explain to the customer how wireless clients and RFID tags are licensed in the MSE? Which option allows the maximum 2.4-GHz channel usage for a survey and data deployment in the ETSI domain? You have a multinational customer that would like you to perform a wireless site survey for a new manufacturing facility in Singapore. They have had a local vendor install a point-to-point wireless bridge link between two buildings 1 km apart. The ground between the buildings is flat but because facilities are in the mountains, dense fog is an issue. There are no line of sight issues between the buildings. The link is experiencing errors and throughput issues. Currently the two radios are set to operate at 2.4 GHz and the transmit power is set to 7 dBm with 7 dBm antennas. What do you need to take into consideration when performing the site survey for this link? Which two factors influence the density of APs in a data-only WLAN environment? (Choose two.) What is the result if a client radio is incapable of supporting all the 5 GHz channels you have deployed in the controller or APs? Which two options describes the vertical RF coverage pattern of an antenna? (Choose two.) Which statement best describes an outdoor RF point-to-point antenna deployment? Which option describes the method of measuring the beamwidth of an antenna? You have a customer that is renovating a historic building for a new headquarters. The building was once an old manufacturing plant. It is constructed of brick with heavy timber beams. What type of RF issues do you expect to see while performing the site survey?