642-655 - WAASFE-Wide Area Application Services for Field Engineers

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Example Questions

You work as a network technician for your company. You are asked to configure a Central Manager WAE cluster for your customer. After the power cord is accidentally unplugged from the primary Central Manager WAE, the standby Central Manager WAE did not automatically assume the primary role. What should you do? Through which two ways firewalls can cause WAAS performance issues? (Choose two.) The Cisco WAAS design for your customer calls for the Central Manager to be deployed on the Core WAE, which is a Cisco WAE-612 with 2-GB RAM. The customer initially configured the WAE as an application accelerator and then issued the device mode central-manger command to enable Central Manager Service. The customer reports that the WAE is no longer accelerating traffic. What is the problem? How do you obtain the client software for WAAS Mobile? Which option below associates classified traffic to an application definition and assigns an action? What is a valid Cisco WAAS device group type? Which command verifies that a WAE in-line card is intercepting traffic from the correct VLANs? What two steps are necessary to enable virtualization on a WAVE? (Choose two.) At which point must a reload command be issued during initial setup of the Central Manager WAE? In order to enable load balancing across WAE interfaces, which WAE deployment model should be used to configure PortChannels on the core WAE appliances? One of your customers is using firewalls. What need to be permitted to pass through firewalls in order to allow WAE autodiscovery? In a Cisco WAAS deployment, what should you check first if your customer is reporting poor performance across all optimized applications? With Cisco WAAS, which two WCCPv2 service groups are used to make up the TCP Promiscuous service group? (Choose two.) In which two ways will you register and activate a WAE to the Central Manager? (Choose two.) Which feature of Central Manager specifies the configuration items that a user can see? Effective device permissions such as access and configure are the summations of which two elements? (Choose two.) After configuring a Cisco WAAS deployment using WCCPv2, you find that you can successfully ping a data center sever from a workstation in the branch office however, when you attempt to start one of the optimized applications, the application cannot communicate with the server. What is the most likely cause? How to monitor optimization statistics for a given application across multiple WAE devices? Your customer has configured each Cisco WAE to belong to multiple device groups for monitoring purposes. However the customer wants to ensure that the policies are applied to the device from one specific device group. What should you do? In the WAAS mobile manager, what will you click to monitor current user connections? When must WCCPv2 redirect exclusion be configured on the routers? Which WAAS mobile tool can be used to verify that data is moving between the client and the WAAS mobile server? The Cisco WAE Appliances provide a unified platform for hosting Cisco application acceleration and WAN optimization solutions. Your customer complains that traffic has never been received by the remote WAE device after deploying Cisco WAAS by use of WCCPv2 in an off-path configuration. Which two parameters should be verified? (Choose two.) How do you access the WAE Central Manager GUI? What will be displayed by the command show statistics connection all summary? Your customer plans to implement Cisco WAAS using four WAE appliances in a load-balanced configuration. Which feature must be supported on the switches to which the WAE appliances are attached? A WAE device recently registered against a Central Manager. What must you do before the WAE can receive a policy and interact with other WAE devices? Which setting should be used in the "Boot from" filed in the virtual blade configuration when an operating system is first installed through an CD ISO image onto a virtual blade? Which three parameters are valid for a device group? (Choose three.) How to configure authentication if your customer would like to use Active Directory to manage authentication for WAE administrative users? When configuring adapter policies in a Cisco WAAS environment, what is the purpose of the EPM adapter? Cisco WAAS is a powerful application acceleration and WAN optimization solution that accelerates the performance of any TCP-based application delivered across a WAN. Which two benefits does the WAAS integration feature on the Cisco IOS Intrusion Prevention System and Cisco IOS Firewall allow? (Choose two.) When a Cisco WAE that was optimizing connections fails, which two symptoms will appear in a TCP trace? (Choose two.) When managing a virtual blade through a Virtual Network Computing client, what does the address represent? What is the function of Application Traffic Policies in a Cisco WAAS environment? Your customer has recently completed a large expansion of one of their regional offices. They have discovered that the WAE-512-2GB Edge WAE in that office has begun passing through some TCP connections without optimizing those connections. What two actions would solve the problem? (Choose two.) How can you configure a WAE to reboot after a software image has been installed?