642-651 - WAASSE - Wide Area Application Services for System Engineers

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Example Questions

What is one advantage of a two-arm WAE deployment? When using PBR, what do you need to configure to enable failover? Your customer has purchased multiple Cisco WAE appliances, but does not want to dedicate one WAE for management purposes only. How would you advise this customer? A device has recently registered with the Central Manager. What must be done before the device can be used? When does window scaling improve performance? Which statement best describes Cisco WAAS Transport Flow Optimization? Your customer is planning to deploy a pair of clustered Cisco WAE-7326 appliances in its data center. How many RUs will it need? Your customer wants to use Active Directory to manage authentication for WAE administrative users. How should you configure authentication in the Cisco WAAS Central Manager? Which of these provide a logical grouping of traffic types to support the monitoring and collection of statistics? Your customer is using PBR as the interception method on its routers. Which mechanism would you recommend to ensure WAE availability and failover if a WAE fails? In a Cisco WAAS implementation, how is the DRE database partitioned into contexts? SACK improves performance for which type of traffic? Which two functions does the Central Manager provide in a Cisco WAAS environment? (Choose two.) How can you monitor optimization statistics for a given application across multiple Cisco WAE devices? When you size a Cisco WAAS solution, you should assume that how many of the total number of concurrent TCP connections per user will be optimized? Which two statements describe what is required for read-only disconnected mode to be automatically activated during a prolonged WAAS disconnect? (Choose two.) Which of these parameters should you consider when selecting a WAE model for a Cisco WAAS deployment? What happens if there are three Cisco WAE appliances in the data path of a connection? How does Cisco WAAS support NBAR? Which statement about using the WAE inline card for interception is true? Assume that there are multiple application accelerator WAE appliances at a given site. If a WAE fails, how will the client-server communication be affected for connections that were optimized by the failed WAE? How often is the Cisco WAE running the edge file service able to cache previously-seen files to ensure the files are not stale? Your customer's service provider manages its WAN infrastructure. The customer wants to deploy Cisco WAAS to accelerate file services for a small number of branch offices, but the service provider manages the routers at each site and your customer's terms of service prohibit the customer from customizing router configurations. Which interception method should you recommend? Which high-availability method is used with inline interception? Your customer's Cisco WAAS design calls for the Central Manager to be deployed on the Core WAE, which is a WAE-612 with 2GB of RAM. The customer initially configured the WAE as an application accelerator, and then issued the device mode central-manager command to enable Central Manager service. Now the customer reports that the WAE is no longer accelerating traffic. What is the problem? You have configured a Central Manager WAE cluster for your customer. After a technician accidentally unplugs the power cord from the primary Central Manager WAE, the network administrator calls you to complain that the standby Central Manager WAE did not automatically assume the primary role. What should you tell this administrator? According to the Cisco Network Foundation Protection architecture, which security feature should be applied at the access layer? How does Cisco WAAS advanced compression DRE improve on traditional LZ compression? Which LAN traffic management feature is fully supported by Cisco WAAS? When WCCPv2 is running on a switch or router, what does it use to redirect traffic to a Cisco WAE? In a Cisco WAAS solution, what is the role of the Catalyst 6500 ACE module? Which two are valid Cisco WAE device modes? (Choose two.) For optimization to occur, there must be a minimum of how many Cisco WAE appliances in the path between the client and server? In a Cisco WAAS environment, which TCP connection establishment messages should you examine if your customer has sent you a TCP protocol trace and asked for your help in understanding why the WAE appliances are failing to negotiate the correct, optimized policy? Which feature of Central Manager helps to simplify the configuration of large numbers of Cisco WAE devices? You should recommend PBR to a customer that requires which type of support? Which statement best describes the purpose of Cisco WAAS Transport Flow Optimization? Which two options correctly identify the WAE file services integration modes available in Cisco WAAS? (Choose two.) Your customer is using firewalls. What must be permitted to pass through the firewalls in order to allow WAE auto-discovery? Which of these assign an action to be taken against traffic that matches a criterion? When configuring adapter policies in a Cisco WAAS environment, what is the purpose of the EPM adapter? Cisco WAAS Traffic Flow Optimization provides benefits for which type of application data? How often does a Cisco WAE negotiate the policy to be used for a given connection? Your customer wants to configure PortChannels on its Core WAE appliances to enable load balancing across WAE interfaces. Which WAE deployment model must this customer use? Which two service groups are used when configuring a Cisco WAE as a "promiscuous" TCP device? (Choose two.) What two symptoms would you expect to observe in a TCP trace if a WAE that was optimizing connections fails? (Choose two.)