642-631 - Advanced Wireless LAN for Field Engineers

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Example Questions

A mobility group is created by a Cisco WLCM and 4402 Series Wireless LAN Controller. A client that is anchored on the Cisco WLCM roams to an access point on the 4402 controller. You then run a debug command on the 4402 controller. Which message would best describe the establishment of the tunnel from the foreign controller's perspective? On the WLSE, which of the following fault policies would be used to verify that access to the command-line interface of the access point is secure? If all client exclusion policies are enabled, on which number of tries will 802.1X authentications be excluded using controller-based access points? You are troubleshooting a problem with a Cisco 7920 wireless IP phone on a standalone WLAN. The phone rings but, when you answer, the call is dropped. What may have caused this problem? On a standalone access point, client association using EAP-Cisco Wireless (Cisco-LEAP) is failing, but association using EAP-PEAP is functioning. What needs to be enabled on the standalone access point to correct this issue? Which definition best describes the staff training service component within the wireless implement phase? Which protocol does the RADIUS server use inside the secure tunnel of EAP-FAST to authenticate the client when one-time passwords are in use? What is the maximum number of hexadecimal characters allowed when configuring the WPA or WPA2 passphrase in Cisco ADU? Client exclusion policies are used to mitigate which of the following attacks? How many WLANs can a REAP support when actively connected to a wireless controller? Clients using Cisco-LEAP and EAP-FAST authentication are having no problems logging on to the wireless network, but clients using PEAP are failing to log on. Which situation would result in this type of problem? When configuring a Cisco 3845 Integrated Services Router to support 802.11b and g clients, which of the following commands would be correct? You are charged with implementing a secure wireless installation which will provide Internet access to client devices but will not allow communications between wireless clients. In addition to implementing PSPF or peer-to-peer blocking on the wireless side, which of the following actions should you perform on the wired infrastructure? A blinking green power LED indicates which of the following conditions on a Cisco Series 1000 lightweight access point? Which of these statements is true about SSIDs configured in Cisco ADU? In the wireless Advanced Feature Set using lightweight access points, a virtual interface is used when supporting which of the following features? What is the maximum recommended height at which a Cisco Aironet 1000 Series controller-based access point should be mounted when using integrated antennas? A client roams from H-REAP AP1 to H-REAP AP2. The client is unable to associate to H-REAP AP2. H-REAP AP2 has six other clients associated to it, which continue to pass traffic. What has caused this problem? On a Series 1010 lightweight access point, the alarm LED is flashing red, and all other LEDs are off. What is the lightweight access point indicating? EAP-FAST provides a secure tunnel during Phase One to protect the user's authentication credentials. Which of these entities initializes the secure tunnel? On a WLAN controller, what is the default limit on the number of entries in the database that will be used for local authentication? Your customer has deployed a Cisco Wireless Location Appliance within its warehouse environment. However, employees there have been experiencing problems when tracking objects using active RFID tags. The RFID beacon rate is 10 seconds and you have discovered an issue with the RFID timeout value. Where and how should the RFID value be changed? Client association using EAP-Cisco Wireless (LEAP) is failing, but EAP-PEAP is functioning on an autonomous access point. Which of the following needs to be enabled on the access point so EAP-Cisco Wireless (LEAP) is enabled? You are installing a Cisco Aironet 1000 Series controller-based access point. When you boot it, all the LEDs on the access point blink together. What does this indicate about the access point? How many RADIUS servers can be added to a controller and thereafter assigned to the authentication or accounting of individual WLAN IDs? You are installing a Cisco 4402 Series Wireless LAN Controller. Which type of interface should you use on the controller's distribution port? You are using ADU and are authenticated and associated to an access point. You are unable to obtain an IP address. Which of the following will cause this problem? You review the Failed Attempts logs on an AAA server and find: "unknown network access server error." Which failure could produce this error? The WLAN controller maintains up to how many controller crash files? On a Cisco Aironet 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN client adapter, the status LED and activity LED are alternating on and off. What does this indicate? In order for a controller-based access point to be allowed to participate in aggressive load balancing, it must have heard the client within how many seconds? On a Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series standalone access point, the radio LED is dark blue and blinking, but the status LED and Ethernet LED are both off. What does this indicate? When configuring QoS on a wireless controller, the per-user, real-time bandwidth contract is enforced for which of the following protocols? On a Cisco 1000 Series controller-based access point, the alarm LED is flashing red, but the other LEDs are off. What is this access point indicating? A blinking green LED indicates which of the following conditions on a Cisco 1030 Remote Edge AP? What is the maximum number of WLAN controllers that can join a single mobility group? Which of the following settings will reduce packet overhead and overall latency in a standalone point-to-point bridge deployment? Last December you erected a bridge link between two buildings on your campus. It is now April and the foliage in the trees is full, and the bridge link will no longer maintain connectivity. Which action will most likely solve the problem? You have a very few Cisco 7920 wireless IP phones on your network, but lots of wireless laptops. You want to increase the bandwidth available for the laptops by decreasing the bandwidth reserved for the Cisco 7920 phones. What is the lowest percentage of voice-allocated bandwidth you can select on the WLAN controller? Which of the following commands on the wireless interface of a Cisco 3845 Integrated Service Router allows the SSID to broadcast? Which of the following statements explains why it is normally best to have more than one controller-based access point participate in the containment of one rogue access point? For a lightweight access point to participate in aggressive load balancing, it must have heard the client for how many seconds? One of your customers has decided to deploy location-based services in addition to existing wireless services. The customer requires that the additional access points to be deployed in monitor-only mode. The most likely reason for this requirement is that the customer has which of these existing wireless devices? Which of the following are true about SSIDs configured in the ADU? You are trying to deploy a configuration job to an IOS access point using the WLSE, but the job fails. Which of the following would cause this failure? During the installation of the Cisco WCS, an error occurs. Where will the installation log be found? Two access points running the core feature set are connected to the same switch and are providing guest services. If PSPF is enabled, what must be enabled on the switch to prevent clients from seeing one another's data? On a Cisco Aironet 1230 Series autonomous access point, the Status LED is solid red, and the Ethernet and Radio LEDs are both off. What does this indicate? You are configuring an RF group of controllers that coordinate Radio Resource Management calculations. What is the maximum number of WLAN controllers that you can add? When optimizing a standalone point-to-multipoint bridge installation with eight non-root bridges, which of the following RTS threshold and CWmin settings would be correct for the non-root bridges?