642-611 - MPLS - Implementing Cisco MPLS Exam

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What is NOT true about an explicit LSP tunnel? What is true about the following configuration? ip vrf green rd 100:10 route-target both 100:10 ip vrf blue rd 100:11 route-target both 100:11 ip vrf orange rd 100:12 route target both 100:10 route-target both 100:14 What is true about overlay VPN's? Which command would you use to display TDP hello timers? When should you disable redistribution of IPv4 routing updates between MP-BGP neighbors? The VPN called my_vpn is operating on interface s0/0 of a PE-router. The CE-PE routing protocol is RIP. The MPLS backbone IGP is OSPF. How could you verify that the routes received from the remote CE-router are being redistributed into RIP? Instead of using a routing protocol between the PE and CE routers it is possible to use static routes in some cases. What is true about static routes in MPLS VPN's? What is the purpose of the global configuration command, ip dhcp relay information option vpn? Cell interleave is an issue with ATM MPLS networks. Which of the following could result in this problem? The MPLS VPN provider is using a separate Internet VPN to provide Internet access to its MPLS VPN customers. Currently, all of its customers are not able to access the Internet. The partial provider's CE-Internet router configuration is shown below. Based on the configuration, what could be the cause of the problem? ip route ! router bgp 51001 network neighbor remote-as 51002 ! PE neighbor router neighbor prefix-list test1 out neighbor remote-as 51001 ! Another Internet router neighbor prefix-list test2 out ! ip prefix-list test2 permit ip prefix-list test1 permit ge 1 Which of the following is a valid LDP identifier for a router using per-platform operation? What is the proper command to associate interface s0/0 with a VRF named my_vpn? Note: Please refer to the Case Study What routing protocol is used between the PE11 and CE11A routes? Which are valid modes of MPLS operation? What does the NEGOTIATED field in the output of the show tag-switching atm-tdp capability command indicate? Which three statements are true about route reflectors? (Choose three.) What is true about frame mode MPLS? What is penultimate hop popping? How could you check for potential MTU size issues on the path taken by a PE-to-PE LSP? What does LDP use to find non adjacent neighbors? A pair of MPLS routers, operating in the default frame-mode, are connected over two parallel links. Which of the following describes what will happen when they try to establish LDP sessions? What is the name given to an IP address that is extended with an RD? Which three pieces of information are configured within the VRF configuration mode - Router(config-vrf#)? (Choose three) MPLS VPN providers can be vulnerable to denial of service attacks by customers generating too many routes and depletting resources in the PE router. Which are valid methods of combating this possibility? What is a benefit of CEF switching? What does FEC stand for in respect to MPLS? Only one route target can be associated with each route. True or false? Which IOS command is used to display the entries from the ATM TDP tag-binding database? In a central services topology, which routes do client VRFs contain? What form of label distribution is used by RSVP-TE? Which IOS table is built when CEF is enabled? Which of the following is NOT a valid topology? How are OSPF route attributes propagates across the MPLS VPN backbone? (Choose two) Which component of MPLS architecture is a simple label-based forwarding engine that is independent of the type of routing protocol or label exchange protocol? When running basic MPLS in conjunction with VPNs, how many labels does each packet contain? Which statement is true about implementing a hub-and-spoke overlay VPN? When using IP over ATM, which three statements are true? (Choose three) Which command would you use to display the capabilities of LC-ATM peer LSR's? Which statement is true about the hardware requirements of MPLS? The VPN named my_vpn is operating on interface s0/0 of a PE-router. The CE-PE routing protocol is RIP. The MPLS backbone IGP is OSPF. However, when you review the configuration for the PE-router, you find that BGP has been configured. What explains this configuration? What is true about a PE router? Given the following MPLS configuration to enable frame-mode MPLS over ATM: interface atm 0/0.2 point-to-point pvc auto ip unnumbered loopback 0 tag-switching ip Which command is using incorrect syntax? Which customer routing protocols will support MPLS VPN's? The VPN named my_vpn is operating on interface s0/0 of a PE-router. The CE-PE routing protocol is BGP. The MPLS backbone IGP is OSPF. How should you verity routing information is being exchanged between the PE-routers that support this VPN? What is the most typical use of an overlapping VPN? What is true of MPLS TE? LSP tunnels are normally determined by IP routing protocols. What can be used to create an LSP tunnel via a specific path that is not the one that would be chosen by the IP routing protocol? What are three drawbacks of a peer-to-peer VPN using a shared provider edge (PE) router? (Choose three) When is the conditional label distribution used? Which statement represents the overall impact of convergence in a frame-mode MPLS network when there is a failure on a link that an LSP is using?

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