642-586 - AWLANSE - Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN for System Engineers Exam

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Example Questions

Which two individual user parameters can be restricted by administrators of controller-based wireless networking using Identity Based Networking Services? (Choose two.) A customer brings you a previously completed site survey for the initial wireless implementation from 12 months ago. The customer currently has six access points deployed in the warehouse. The survey shows that the installed coverage provides for a 15-percent overlap between cells at 5.5 Mbps, and a 5-percent overlap at 11 Mbps. This solution has proved to provide adequate coverage and roaming capabilities for the data applications.Why would this site survey not be adequate for a VoIP application? Before a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 can place a call, it will compare the QBSS in the beacon from the access point with the QBSS threshold on the phone. What action will the Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 take if the QBSS threshold in the beacon is exceeded? Which feature was introduced in Cisco Compatible Extensions version 2? Which one of the following integrated services routers supports the integrated 2.4-GHz b/g access points? The recommended channel utilization QoS Basic Service Set load for a VoIP network should be less than which value? When deploying wireless networks, a trade-off must often be made between the cost of the initial network deployment and the percentage of areas with marginal service or coverage holes. Which of the following represents a reasonable coverage hole percentage for a network launch? Which three items are associated with the wireless standalone product set? (Choose three.) Which two services are provided by the Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) What is the maximum round-trip delay that an H-REAP will tolerate from a centralized controller? How many prior configuration versions can be archived on the CiscoWorks WLSE? What is the Cisco-recommended limit of standalone access points to be managed by a CiscoWorks WLSE 1130-19 with RF management enabled? In controller-based architecture, a control message sent between the access point and the controller is secured using which protocol? What is the Cisco-recommended signal-to-noise ratio for a data rate of 54 Mbps on a 2.4-GHz data network? The Newton Manufacturing Company has three facilities that are located in Columbia, South Carolina. The corporate office is located in an 11-story building downtown. The R&D facility is located on the north side of the city approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) from the corporate office in a five-story building. The manufacturing facility is located approximately 6 miles (9.6 km) to the northwest of the corporate office. Line of sight exists from the downtown office to all facilities. Users at the manufacturing plant require network connectivity for file-sharing and e-mail, while the users at the R&D facility require high-speed Internet access with the ability to send large CAD drawings to the corporate office and large machine control files to the manufacturing facility. Presently, the manufacturing facility is connected to the corporate office by a 64-kbps leased line, and the R&D facility is connected to both the corporate office and the manufacturing facility by a dedicated T1 line. The company plans to add a second line of development at the R&D facility within the next 60 days. The current T1 lines are at a constant 70 percent utilization rate. The current projected lead time for installation of additional lines is 90 days if the cable plant will support it. Which deployment option would provide the most benefit to the customer? How is a bridge group name used in a wireless mesh deployment? Which statement describes how RSSI information is processed in a WLAN with a location appliance using controller-based products? Which two key features are unique to the controller-based feature set? (Choose two.) Which authentication mechanism was introduced in Cisco Compatible Extensions version 2? What is the Cisco-recommended signal-to-noise ratio for a data rate of 54 Mbps on a 5-GHz data network? What is the minimum recommended dBm when designing a VoIP network with 11-Mbps cells, and no more than one access point per overlapping channel set? Cisco Identity Based Network Services used with Cisco Secure ACS provides which two of the following benefits? (Choose two.) Which EAP authentication method is used by the Cisco WLAN controller to perform web authentication? When attempting to connect to the WLAN using HTTP authentication, a client is automatically redirected to a login page. The login page is on which device that uses the controller-based products? Controller-based products use X.509 certificates for which of the following? What is the maximum number of wireless devices that a Cisco 2700 Series Wireless Location Appliance can track, operating with Cisco WCS version 4.0? As a result of a security site survey, the following is discovered: An RF signal is available in the parking lot. Six access points are found belonging to employees. Static WEP keys are in use in the receiving department. No security is being used on the access points in human resources. Wireless VoIP clients in use do not support EAP-FAST. There is no strong password policy in place. EAP-Cisco Wireless (Cisco LEAP) is being used for wireless VoIP security. All clients can support WPA. VLANs are in use. Based on these findings, what is recommended to enhance the security of the wireless VoIP network? Why is a separate voice VLAN recommended when you use the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920? When a wireless controller loses connectivity to a remote Cisco Aironet 1030 Lightweight Access Point in REAP mode, what will be the next step for that remote access point? Implementing Wireless Domain Services on an autonomous access point provides which two benefits? (Choose two.) What is the minimum recommended dBm when designing a VoIP network with 54-Mbps cells, and no more than one access point per overlapping channel set? Which two threat categories are reported in a security summary display by the WCS? (Choose two.) A wireless security assessment has been performed for a network that is composed of Windows 2000 and Windows XP wireless clients. The customer wishes to use IEEE 802.1X authentication using certificate services. Which EAP-type combinations are appropriate? How many SSIDs are supported on a standalone access point with dual radios? Which feature should you implement to detect a hacker invoking denial-of-service attacks, flooding the network with associations and probes, inserting rogue access points, and affecting network performance by attacking the quality of service? The Cisco WCS logs which two security events? (Choose two.) A customer in the United States requires connectivity between two campus locations that are located 6 miles (9.65 km) apart. The customer also needs a minimum data rate of 54 Mbps in an area that is known to have 2.4-GHz interference. Which two devices will provide a bridge link and avoid the interference? (Choose two.) At the end of the time frame set by the Lobby Ambassador for the guest user account to be active, which of the following actions must be taken by the administrator regarding the deletion of the account, if it exists on multiple controllers? Which two devices support link role flexibility? (Choose two.) Guest tunneling is a feature used for the guest WLAN. How many tunnels can a virtual anchor WLAN controller support? The CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine uses which protocol for radio management? When IPS sensors identify a properly authenticated wireless client who is attempting to introduce a network virus into your environment, they alert the controller to perform which of the following actions? The Cisco Wireless LAN Controller can support a maximum of how many VLANs? The source port of LWAPP Layer 3 data traffic is UDP port 1024 or greater. What is the destination port? Which WEP key protection method was introduced in Cisco Compatible Extensions version 1? How many mesh access points can be placed on a map with efficient link rendering in Cisco WCS? How many VLANs are supported on the Cisco Aironet 1242AG Series Access Point in controller-based networking? The Cisco 3200 Series Mobile Access Router has integrated wireless support for which two FCC-approved frequency ranges? (Choose two.) OFDM provides which improvement over DSSS in the 2.4-GHz range? If the Cisco WLAN controller cannot reach the primary AAA server, it will proceed to the next server on the list by priority index. The Cisco WLAN controller will return to the primary AAA server, when reachable, upon which of these events?