642-584 - Security Solutions for Systems Engineers SSSE

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Example Questions

Which three are valid Cisco email security deployment options? (Choose three.) Which one is an additional feature of Cisco IPS Manager Express as compared to Cisco IPS Device Manager? Which of these products is the best choice to prevent undesired content from being sent through a guest connection? Which one of these is a Cisco Nexus 1010 virtual blade? Which two statements about the Cisco IronPort WSA and Cisco ASA CX Context-Aware Security are true? (Choose two.) Which two statements about standard clients for wireless, wired, and VPN are true? (Choose two.) Which statement about MACsec is true? Which option best describes what end users require from a BYOD solution? Which statement about 802.1X is true? Which statement best describes Cisco ISE? Which application is the most critical one regarding malicious content? Which statement describes an advantage of DV? Which two statements about the Cisco IronPort Email Security architecture are true? (Choose two.) Which two attacks target the data link layer in a switched environment? (Choose two.) A customer wants to use the Cisco ASA for a VPN to interconnect the central site and three branches. Which type of VPN would you recommend? Which two virtual networking services are provided by a Cisco Nexus 1000V? (Choose two.) What are two advantages of IKEv2 and Cisco FlexVPN? (Choose two.) Which two are advantages of virtual device contexts? (Choose two.) Which statement about wireless intrusion prevention and rogue access point detection is true? Which two features are available with Cisco Secure ACS? (Choose two.) Which statement about wireless LAN security is true? Which statement is true when comparing Cisco ASA and Cisco ASA CX? Which statement accurately describes web authentication for secure guest access? Which statement about the Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall is true? Which two components are 802.1X components? (Choose two.) Which statement about SGACL is true? Which two questions should you ask when assessing an organization's security needs? (Choose two.) Which statement about IPsec and IPv6 is true? Which three are valid Cisco VPN design options for teleworkers? (Choose three.) Which two configurations are performed on Cisco IOS routers when using Cisco AutoSecure? (Choose two.) Which statement about Cisco ASA performance and services is true? Which statement best describes Cisco ScanSafe? Which two are key advantages of using Cisco ASDM for Cisco ASA device management? (Choose two.) Which two are features of the Cisco VPN Internal Service Module for ISR G2? (Choose two.) Which two statements about the capabilities of the Cisco AnyConnect 3.0 Secure Mobility Client for Windows are true? (Choose two.) Which two statements about CVD and SBA are true? (Choose two.) Which management service is provided by the Cisco IronPort M-Series? Which statement about the OfficeExtend Access Point solution is true? Which statement about Cisco Prime is true? Which two statements about Cisco IPS are true? (Choose two.) What is not a security concern that is specific to virtualized environments? Which three are security features that are applicable to the network edge? (Choose three.) Which feature is an IPv6 security feature that is supported in Cisco IOS devices? Which statement about EoMPLS and VPLS is true? Which two options show the correct associations of use cases with VPN technologies? (Choose two.) Which three are security-related advantages of desktop virtualization? (Choose three.)