642-565 - SSSE - Security Solutions for Systems Engineers Exam

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Example Questions

Which of these items is a valid method to verify a network security design? What are two functions of Cisco Security Agent? (Choose two.) Which encryption protocol is suitable for an enterprise with standard security requirements? Which IPS platform can operate in inline mode only? In which two ways do Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances achieve containment and control? (Choose two.) Which protocol should be used to provide secure communications when performing shunning on a network device? Which two features work together to provide anti-X defense? (Choose two.) Which three elements does the NAC Appliance Agent check on the client machine? (Choose three.) Which statement is true about the Cisco Security MARS Global Controller? Which IPS feature models worm behavior and correlates the specific time between events, network behavior, and multiple exploit behavior to more accurately identify and stop worms? Which of these items describes a benefit of deploying the NAC appliance in in-band mode rather than out-of-band mode? Which two components should be included in a network design document? (Choose two.) Which two requirements call for the deployment of 802.1X? (Choose two.) Which two of these features are software components of the Cisco Security Manager bundle? (Choose two.) What is the objective of the Cisco IOS resilient configuration? Which of these items is a feature of a system-level approach to security management? Which two are true about Cisco AutoSecure? (Choose two.) Which Cisco security product is used to perform a Security Posture Assessment of client workstations? How is an incident defined in MARS? What are the major characteristics for designing a VPN for existing networks? What are the advantages of IPsec-based site-to-site VPNs over traditional WAN networks? Which two of these features are the most appropriate test parameters for the acceptance test plan of a secure connectivity solution? (Choose two.) Which two should be included in an analysis of a Security Posture Assessment? (Choose two.) Which statement is true regarding Cisco IOS IPS performance and capabilities? What allows Cisco Security Agent to block malicious behavior before damage can occur? Which certificates are needed for a device to join a certificate-authenticated network? Which two of these statements describe features of the NAC Appliance architecture. (Choose two.)