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Question :-

What is a syslog configuration oversight that makes system event logs hard to interpret and what can be done to fix this oversight?
The system time does not get set on the router, making it difficult to know when events occurred. Recommend that an NTP facility be used to ensure that all the routers operate at the correct time.
Third-party flash memory gets installed and doesn't provide easily understandable error or failure codes. Only Cisco-authorized memory modules should be installed in Cisco devices.
The syslog message stream does not get encrypted and invalid syslog messages get sent to the syslog server. Encrypt the syslog messages.
The syslog messages filter rules did not get configured on the router, resulting in too many unimportant messages. Configure syslog messages filter rules so that low-severity messages are blocked from being sent to the syslog server and are logged locally on the router.

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