642-524 - SNAF Securing Networks with ASA Foundation

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Example Questions

What is the result of disabling ESMTP inspection? Why might you want to configure VLANs on a security appliance interface? Which list contains the correct steps for upgrading the license (activation key) for your security appliance from Cisco ASDM? What is the purpose of the redundant interface feature of the security appliance? Which event triggers failover at the failover group level in an active/active failover configuration? The primary adaptive security appliance in an active/standby failover configuration failed, so the secondary adaptive security appliance was automatically activateD. The network administrator then fixed the problem. Now the administrator wants to return the primary to active status. Which command, when issued on the primary adaptive security appliance, will reactivate the primary adaptive security appliance and restore it to active status? The network security administrator for XYZ Corporation wants to adjust the default DoS drop rate thresholds for basic threat detection so that logs are triggered properly for the XYZ Corporation network environment. This will give the administrator more accurate information about the possibility of a DoS attack. How can the administrator set the following values? --Rate interval: 600 sec --Average rate: 50 drops per sec --Burst rate: 100 drops per sec Which command will provide detailed information about the crypto map configurations of a Cisco ASA adaptive security appliance? The network administrator for XYZ Corporation configured a site-to-site VPN by using the IPsec VPN Wizard in Cisco ASDM. Now the administrator wants to modify the crypto ACL to specify different protected traffiC. Where would the administrator go in CIsco ASDM to accomplish this task? With an adaptive security appliance code of version 7.0 or later, which two requirements must be met for active/standby failover to work? (Choose two.) The network security administrator for XYZ Corporation used Cisco ASDM to configure active/standby failover between two Cisco ASA adaptive security appliances at corporate headquarters. The administrator used the Cisco ASDM High Availability and Scalability Wizard and feels confident that the configuration is correct on both security appliances. However, the show failover command output shows that one interface remains constantly in the waiting state and never normalizes. Which two troubleshooting steps should the administrator take?(Choose two.)