642-453 - GWGK - Gateway Gatekeeper Exam

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Example Questions

Acme Anvils field offices route calls to headquarters through gateways to the PSTN. The headquarters numbers are all in the form 1-202-454-5XXX. At present, calls to headquarters require 12 dialed digits: the access code "9" followed by the 11-digit number. Employees in the field offices would like to call people at headquarters by dialing only their four-digit extensions.Which Cisco IOS command will allow them to do this? (Assume that any associated commands needed in order to apply the one chosen will also be added) A gateway is connected to the PSTN via eight analog circuits. Which two methods can be used to route calls across all eight circuits? (Choose two.) You need to configure a gatekeeper to limit the number of voice calls between any local zone and any other zone to five simultaneous G.729 calls. Which bandwidth command would you enter into the gatekeeper configuration? When a gatekeeper cluster is deployed, how does a gatekeeper in the cluster indicate to a gateway that it should register with an alternate gatekeeper? You have a client who is planning to implement a toll bypass service for the PBXs. The organization has four locations and the PBXs are a mixture of QSIG- and non-QSIG-capable devices. Which type of services will be available between a QSIG and a non-QSIG PBX? How can you configure an H.323 gateway so that it is controlled by the Cisco Unified CallManager? A Cisco voice gateway is connected to the PSTN via an analog line. How can the gateway be configured to support caller ID? You have a client who is designing a gateway solution for an IP communications network. The T1 needs to support ANI for both incoming and outgoing calls.How should the gateway be configured? The Acme Corporation network contains gateways, gatekeepers, and a directory gatekeeper. If a gatekeeper containing the following configuration receives the digit string "2125551212" from an endpoint, what will the gatekeeper do next? gatekeeper zone local SJ acme.com zone remote DGK acme.com zone prefix SJ 408* zone prefix DGK * no shut Bob's Bicycles wants to route inbound faxes directly to the recipient's e-mail. Which gateway fax protocol will support this? Which gatekeeper will a gateway register with when using the following command syntax? ! interface FastEthernet 0/1 ip address h323-gateway voip interface h323-gateway voip id GK-East1 multicast priority 1 h323-gateway voip h323-id BOS ! When an IP-to-IP gateway registers with a gatekeeper, what type of endpoint is the gateway listed as? Users are complaining that they are not seeing caller names on calls received from the PSTN. Which debug command can be used to troubleshoot this problem? Which two dial plan components are required to implement TEHO? (Choose two.) How can you configure an MGCP gateway so that it is controlled by the Cisco Unified CallManager? A single call is active through an IP-to-IP gateway. If you use the show gatekeeper calls command, how many active call legs will be indicated? Which IOS mechanism is used to restrict calling based on the device initiating the call? A dial peer is configured with an outgoing COR list. Which two conditions must be met for calls matching this outbound dial peer to be blocked? (Choose two.) Which statement is true regarding Cisco modem relay? A gateway is going to provide media resources useable by three different Cisco Unified CallManager clusters. Which Cisco IOS structure makes this possible? If a via-zone is created for a gatekeeper, enabling it to support an IP-IP gateway, are the functions of the gatekeeper dedicated to the via-zone? When a C5510 DSP is configured for conferencing, what other services can it be configured to support? When a WAN link problem occurs, it takes over three minutes for IP phones to become registered with the SRST gateway. What is the most likely cause of this? Which debug command can be used to troubleshoot an issue with a Tcl script? Which gatekeeper configuration will send all calls between zone hardware and zone appliances through the IP-to-IP gateway in the VIA zone? Which issue found in CAS T1s can be eliminated by converting to PRI? Which codec complexity should be configured to maximize the number of simultaneous voice calls that can be supported by a PVDM2-16? Which describes a proper CAC implementation in an H.323 network that uses directory gatekeepers? A service provider wants to add SIP devices to an existing H.323 voice network. Which Cisco device will allow the SIP devices to use the existing routing structure on the H.323 gatekeeper? You are adding a gatekeeper to an H.323 network to provide Call Admission Control. You need to be able to support three concurrent G.711 calls from a specified zone to any other zone. How much interzone bandwidth should be configured in the gatekeeper? Highland Park Property Development is integrating a Cisco Unified CallManager system with the existing PBX via an E1 QSIG trunk. During testing, the first 15 calls work normally. After 15 simultaneous calls, new calls have no audio path when they are established. How can this problem be resolved? ACME Widgets has several geographically dispersed call centers. Calls come into the central location on H.323 gateways, and are forwarded across WAN links to the correct call centers using G.729 codecs. IVR devices in the call centers are not correctly interpreting digits entered by callers. What can be done to solve this problem? A customer has two Cisco Unified CallManager clusters, each with an IP-to-IP gateway. When deploying RSVP Call Admission Control between the Cisco Unified CallManager clusters using the IP-to-IP gateways, which two are required? (Choose two.)