642-445 - Cisco IP Telephony for Release 5.x

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Example Questions

Which two qualities of PKI key exchange overcome asymmetric cryptography scalability issues? (Choose two.) Acme Lumber Company phones are configured to use AAR to reroute a call when the call is rejected due to insufficient IP WAN bandwidth. Which AAR configuration parameter will prevent a call originating at a lobby phone from using AAR when CAC rejects the call due to insufficient bandwidth? What is the purpose of route filters? If a SIP phone has neither KPML nor a set of dial rules configured, how are digits sent to the Cisco Unified CallManager for further processing? Which of these is the best practice to employ when using certificates between a browser and the Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 server? What happens by default if the Log Partition Monitor's high-water mark is exceeded? Which of the following actions will prevent devices from being able to initiate conferences? Which navigation window should you use to restart the server and view the version of the Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 software? Which new traffic type has been added between Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 servers? What is the purpose of using device pools? What is the function of Cisco Unified CallManager Regions? Which of these best describes the function of transformations? You need to delete and add a new device pool to your Cisco Unified CallManager cluster, but when you try to delete the existing device pool you receive an error message stating that the device pool is still in use. Which tool can you use to determine which devices are still using the device pool? What is the relationship between a Region and a Location? Which two options are functions of Cisco Unified CallManager RTMT? (Choose two.) Which two features are advantages of deploying a cluster over an IP WAN? (Choose two.) The Acme Corporation is experiencing poor, choppy audio quality on voice calls placed across their WAN link to and from Madison. What can be done to the Location parameter for Madison to help alleviate this problem? What is the process used to restore an entire cluster in the event of a catastrophic failure? What is the difference between a CMR and a CDR? An auto parts retailer would like its six service counter representatives to be able to assist both walk-up customers and telephone customers. Each store has six service counter representatives. Which call distribution algorithm will allow each service counter representative to provide the best customer service? How are Cisco Unified CallManager location parameters used? The Acme Lumber Company would like to use AAR to reroute calls made from HQ to remote locations when those calls are rejected by the IP WAN because of insufficient bandwidth. The Acme Lumber Company uses 5-digit dialing to all locations. Acme Headquarters has a DID range from 770-555-0001 to 770-557-0500 and the Macon facility has a DID range from 912-556-0500 to 912-556-0550.How should the external phone masks be configured? Which dial rule pattern for Cisco 7905_7912 IP phones will allow the user to dial a 9 for local access, wait for a secondary dial tone, and then dial a seven digit number? Which multiple line appearance parameter sets a number of calls per line beyond which all incoming calls will be forwarded? How can the activation status of DNS services be changed? What two types of calls can cause the Cisco Unified CallManager to send an ARQ to a gatekeeper to determine if a call should be routed? (Choose two.) You have recently upgraded to a Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 cluster. What will happen to users added after the upgrade if you roll back to the inactive partition? When a Cisco Unified CallManager group has its primary, secondary, and tertiary servers changed, how are those changes propagated to the IP phones registered to the group? Which two options describe how the Cisco Unified CallManager Auto-Register Phone Tool updates auto-registering IP phones? (Choose two.) Which two SIP issues should be considered when deploying KPML? (Choose two.) A range of Meet-Me conference numbers is reserved for manager use. Which method can be used to restrict non-managers from accessing these Meet-Me numbers without limiting their ability to initiate ad hoc conferences? Which configuration parameter may need to be adjusted when the Region setting is changed? What is the impact of setting an RSVP policy per location pair with a default interlocation RSVP service policy? What process does the Log Partition Monitor use to delete logs in excess of the high-water mark? A single route pattern has been added to the Cisco Unified CallManager to use the NANP. A route filter named Local_Only has been applied to limit calls to local and service numbers only. The Local_Only route filter includes the clause: (LOCAL-AREA-CODE EXISTS AND SERVICE EXISTS). After applying the Local_Only route filter, no calls to the PSTN can be completed. What needs to be done to correct this issue? If a service is currently deactivated, how can the service be reactivated from the Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability Control Center page? How many backup sessions can be active at one time in the Disaster Recovery System? Which Cisco Unified CallManager RTMT component retrieves real-time information that exists on nodes in the cluster? Bob's Bicycles has three manufacturing plants and 145 retail stores. Each of the manufacturing plants has a Cisco Unified CallManager cluster. The retail stores use a mix of Cisco Unified CallManager Express and key systems with gateways. What is the recommended trunk type to use on the Cisco Unified CallManager clusters for full intersite calling capability? The Acme Lumber Company uses a centralized call processing model to connect their saw mills in Albany and Columbus. Each mill is configured as a separate Location in Cisco Unified CallManager at HQ. Each Location has been configured with 256 Kbps of voice bandwidth. How many G.729 calls can be placed between Locations simultaneously? Which portion of the master Administrator account can be changed after installing using the CLI? Which two methods can be used to build a SIP trunk from the Cisco Unified CallManager to a SIP Registrar server and a backup Registrar server? (Choose two.) An IP phone user has dialed "15152421234". Which route pattern will be used? Under the Platform Administration GUI, if an NTP server isn't specified, what will the Cisco Unified CallManager cluster use for a time source? How does the Cisco Unified CallManager use RSVP? What causes an IP phone to register with the SRST router when the IP WAN fails? For phone hardening tasks, which two statements are accurate? (Choose two.) What are the minimum configuration parameters required to manually add an IP phone to Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0? You need to configure a new IOS-based Catalyst switch to support voice and data VLANs. The data VLAN will be VLAN 10 and the voice VLAN will be VLAN 100. Which of the following configurations should be used to support these VLANs while also allowing switch port 0/1 to enter the forwarding state immediately? Within MLA, what is the relationship between applications, privileges, and roles?