642-437 - Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and QoS v8.0 (CVOICE v8.0)

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Which QoS methodology combines strict priority queuing with class-based weighted fair queuing? What is the uncompressed Layer 3+ bandwidth of a G.729 call with a packetization rate of 25 p/s? What should you use to configure endpoint addressing if you are using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express with SRST? What is the function of class-based marking? What are two benefits of using the DiffServ model? (Choose two.) When a Session Initiation Protocol user agent client initiates a call to another user agent server, what is the first message type that is sent to the Cisco SIP Proxy Server? Calls are failing to egress the local PSTN gateway that uses an E1 PRI circuit. Which debug command would be most useful in determining which dialed digits are being sent to the PSTN? Which codec complexity type will offer the greatest number of voice channels, provided that the complexity type is compatible with the particular codecs that are in use? Which mechanism do you use to implement calling privileges on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express? What does the session target sip-server dial-peer command do? Which command should you use to configure a T1 CAS trunk to use the most reliable line coding technique? Which type of delay describes the amount of time it takes to place a frame onto a physical medium? What are the two major types of VoIP gateways? What happens when no matching dial peer is found for an outbound call? Examine the following PBX system parameters: The calling side seizes the line by going off-hook on its E-lead and sends information as DTMF digits. The voice path is 4-wires, and the voice enabled router is in another building from the PBX. Select the correct set of commands to allow communication between a voice enabled router and a PBX. In which situation would the trust boundary be located at the access layer? When configuring AutoQoS VoIP on a Cisco Catalyst switch how is the configuration performed? Your PSTN carrier sends digits to your T1 PRI circuit in a digit-by-digit format. How must the T1 PRI circuit be configured to support this capability? When a Cisco Unified Border Element connects two VoIP streams using flow-around media, which of the following options describes the components of the call that flow around and the components that flow through the device? What happens by default when a gateway matches a dial string to an outbound POTS dial peer? Which two commands should you use on a common gateway between the two IP telephony networks to enable SIP to H.323 interworking? (Choose two.) Which two functions are associated with a voice gateway? (Choose two.) Which command correctly enables a trust of the existing differentiated services code point value coming into a switch? What are the PHBs that DiffServ use? Which traditional telephony protocol was used as a basis for the H.323 suite of protocols? What is the command sequence to configure an FXS port as a signal loop-start? Which QoS mechanism for VoIP works with weighted fair queuing (WFQ) and class-based weighted fair queuing (CBWFQ)? Which AF class and which drop probability is indicated by the DSCP value of 100100? When deploying an 802.3af switch what is the default number of Watts consumed by each port if 802.3af compliant devices are attached to the switch? As a network technician, you are working in the Pass4sure Company. Your company's network is taking the implementation of VoIP. In order to carry the payload across the network, which of the following items is useful for this implementation? Which voice translation rule will expand extensions that are in the 3000-3999 range to a 10 digit number? What is the maximum amount of one-way delay that is considered acceptable per G.114 for a voice call with little or no concern for quality issues? A call is received on a voice gateway from a Session Initiation Protocol-based Internet source. The call is destined for a telephone that is connected directly to the gateway. Which type of dial-peer is considered outgoing? When Cisco Unified Border Element is used to translate an H.323 call leg with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster to a SIP call leg point to a SIP carrier, the call flow must _____ Cisco Unified Border Element. Which parameter should be configured when you want to set a limit on the number of seconds to wait between dialed digits before digit input evaluation? In a voice gateway, the configured codec complexity of the DSPs on a voice card can be changed. What is the impact on the DSPs if high codec complexity is configured? Which statement best describes dial peers in a voice gateway. (Choose two.) What is the maximum number of digits that can be assigned to a European Subscriber Number using the European Telephony Numbering Space? If a centralized solution has to be implemented on multiple-equipment vendors devices, which signaling protocol should be used? How many inbound call legs are associated with a normal end-to-end call that goes over an IP WAN? What is the characteristic of SIP early offer? Which command allows verification of RSVP configuration? As a CCVP, you should master the basic knowledge. Please choose a correct definition of ACD from the following statements. What is the function of an H.323 gateway? How many IP phone calls can be sent across a 64-kb/s Frame Relay link that uses the G.729 codec? The sampling rate is 50 times a second, with 20 bytes per sample. There are 8 bytes of Frame Relay header overhead with no checksum, and header compression is used. Refer to the graphic for IP addresses and telephone numbers. You are working with a customer that is opening a small sales office in R2. You would like to be able to have the user in R2 be able to dial into the PBX in R1 over the IP WAN. The R1 PBX uses loop start, a two-wire operation, and DTMF dialing. Please choose the correct FXO port configuration for R1. Which two statements are true regarding SCCP? (Choose two.) Which protocol does MGCP use to describe the type of initiated session? Which command should you use to associate a Session Initation Protocol phone using a tag of 1 with a directory number with a tag of 20? Using Cisco best practices, on which application should you implement calling privileges?

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