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Question :-

Based on information discovered during the investigation phase of the design, it has been decided that the proper deployment model for Ajaxis single-site call processing. The access layer devices will be placed in the IDF closets, the distribution layer devices will be placed in the MDF closets, and the core will be deployed in the computer room. In the three office buildings, each floor has an IDF, which services approximately 70 to 80 users. Each of the R&D and Manufacturing buildings also has an IDF. Building 1 also houses the MDF in the basement. Ajax is currently using Toke Ring and an FDDI backbone. The network is to be migrated to a 100BaseT or faster Ethernet network. Ajax has had many network outages in their current network and is concerned with network availability, especially because the phone system will now be residing on the same network. During the migration from Token Ring to Ethernet, routers will be deployed to allow access between the existing Token Ring and the new Ethernet networks. Where in the network should these routers be deployed?
atthe core ofthe network so that each IDF can continue to use the FDDI backbone
at each MDF so that each IDF can be migrated separately and avoid possible wide-spread network outages
in the computer room so that the Token Ring and Ethernet networks are only connected atone location to minimize risk,
in the individual IDFs so that individual users can be migrated from the Token Ring to the Ethernet network to minimize each individual's downtime

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