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Question :-

Ajax Auto Components manufactures automobile parts for the service and retail markets. The Ajax corporate campus i located north of Atlanta, Georgia. Ajax is presently using an Avaya PBXforits campus phone system that uses DCS signaling. The PBX cannot support all the new features that Ajax requires, so the company has decided to change its system from traditional TDM to IP telephony. The campus currently has 942 employees in three two -story office buildings, a single story R&D facility, and a manufacturing building. The five buildings are all connected via an FDDI ring. The campus is divided by County Line Road, which is the actual division between Fulton and Cobb counties. The office buildings are located on the east side of County Line Road, in Fulton County; the RSD building and manufacture plant are located on the west side County Line Road in Cobb County. It will be your job to help the company migrate from the traditional PBX system to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system on a converged voice and data network. You are investigating the network at Ajax as the first step in designing a converged network. In a meeting with the telephony services manager and the data network manager, which two questions would you ask to obtain the informatic needed for the design of the IP telephony network? (Choose two.)
Who is responsible for moving telephones withinAjax?
What network access method and topology is deployed?
What Class of Service is deployed in the existing network?
How many ports are available on QoS-enabled access layer switches?
can additional servers or additional domains be added to the existingAjax domain?

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