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Question :-

Ajax has recently merged with Jake's Brakes of Tulsa Oklahoma. Jake's Brakes is an organization of 500 employees. The remote sales offices have 84 employees and the remainder are located at the Jake's Brakes headquarters. Jake's converted to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP phone system earlier this year. Jake's has deployed Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express at each remote sales office and a small Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster at the Jake's headquarters. Currently, there are no overlapping extension numbers in the Jake's dial plan and all calls are placed over the PSTN. The system is fully functional and includes Cisco Unity at the headquarters and Cisco Unity Express voice mail at the remote sales offices. They have two T1 s to the PSTN and a single T1 to a local service provider for Internet access. A fourth and fifth T1 will connect the Ajax campus to the new Tulsa campus. These two T1 swill carry voice and data traffic between Ajax and Jake's. How can the two Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters be configured so that IP phone calls can be placed between them?
Both clusters require gatekeeper control and the specific gateway to be queried.
Both clusters use H.323 and should be configured as intercluster H.323 devices with gatekeeper control.
Both should be configured as H.323 devices and should be configured asintracluster H.225 devices.
Communication between sites with Cisco Unified Communications Manger clusters requires
323 and each cluster must be configured as anintercluster H.323 devic

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