642-384 - Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers

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Example Questions

A network administrator is troubleshooting an EIGRP connection between RA and RB. Given the debug output on RA, which two statements are true?(Choose two) A customer in Europe needs to establish an 11-Mbps wireless bridge link between two office buildings that are approximately 1.3 km apart. The wireless link will pass through a public park, which contains a lake that is surrounded by trees. You run the range calculation and determine that the Cisco Aironet 1300 Series Outdoor Access Point/Bridge should work. You install the link using 10.5-dB yagis with 75 feet of standard Cisco cabling and both radios set at 20 mW. The wireless bridges are not able to establish or maintain a link. What is needed to successfully complete this link? Which command displays the routing information that will be used to move data between VLANs on a router on a disk? What can be used to troubleshoot complex network and VPN connectively issues? What does understanding the radiation patterns of different antennas types help you to determine when providing wireless coverage in an office building? Which two are characteristics of HSSI cables? (Choose two) Which statement is correct about the current address translation configurations on the security appliance? Which statement correctly describes configuration of the VPN server? Which Cisco Catalyst Express 520 feature optimizes quality of service? Which of the following best describe the customer benefits of change management in the operate phase? What are two uses for USB ports on ISRs? (Choose two) Which receiving antenna has high gain and requires accurate aim at the transmitting antenna? What is the major difference between TACACS+ and RADIUS? Which statement correctly describes the keys witch model of deployment for call processing? Which interface on the Cisco UC520 is assigned an IP address either statically or through DHCP? Which statement best describes clustering in a small-business wireless network? What two types of telephony interfaces are used for PSTN connectivity? (Choose two.) You enter the command show ip ospf neighbor and see "two-way/DROTHER" listed as the state for neighbor What does this status indicate? CiscoWorks SNMS is a part of the CiscoWorks family of products for managing small to large networks. CiscoWorks SIMMS is a new Web-based network management solution for small to medium-sized businesses, with 40 or fewer Cisco internetworking devices such as switches, routers, hubs, and access servers. CiscoWorks SNMS can also monitor third-party IT assets such as servers, applications, services, and printers A Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) trunk is typically the voice interconnect between any business and the outside world. Which network management tool is designed to allow businesses to manage up to 40 devices? According to the error log, VLAN 1 is where the BPDU was received, and VLAN 2 is where the BPDU originated. When inconsistency is detected, what happens? Which screen on the Cisco ASDM home page would you use to see which access list rules are in effect? Which command can be used to verify that RIPv2 is running on a router? You have just configured HSRP and need to determine which router is active. Which command should you enter? Users logging into Cisco Router and Security Device Manager should be authenticated using the Cisco ISR local user database. Currently, none of the users can access Cisco Router and Security Device Manager via HTTP. You should check the configuration of which command or commands when attempting to resolve this problem? Which design phase service component includes the development and documentation of the test case or cases used to verify that a deployed infrastructure meets operational, functional, and interface requirements? A concern has been expressed that the switched infrastructure in an integrated network is vulnerable to VLAN hopping attacks. Which two configuration statements can be used to mitigate VLAN hopping? (Choose two.) The VPN server uses a preshared key for remote device authentication How many users are supported on the Cisco Unified Communications models 540 and 560 platforms? Which identify credential is used most commonly to secure network data? Which two statements best describe the wireless core feature set using autonomous access points when implementing Wireless Domain Services? (Choose two) Which security audit mode allows you to make all recommended security-related configuration changes automatically? In an infrastructure based on a wireless advanced feature set using lightweight access points, by which method is a rogue contained? What are two differences between medium and large campus network designs? (Choose two) How do the Cisco ISR G2 platforms enable the next phase of branch-office evolution? A customer with a small enterprise network of 15 remote sites is trying to optimize its VPN by migrating some remote sites using Frame Relay connections to the Internet to using cable connections to the Internet. Minimizing costs is one of the customer's highest priorities. Only a moderate amount of IP traffic is passing through the network, most of which is from the remote sites to the central site. IPSec should be used to provide VPN functionality and basic confidentiality is desired. Based on the traffic patterns, which topology would be the easiest for this customer to set up and manage? A wireless autonomous 1200 access point running core feature set in root mode has its SSID set to Factory_floor and provides connection to a repeater access point with its SSID set to factory_floor, if the root-mode access point is using channel 11 which channel will the repeater access point use? Which definition best describes the implementation service component within the implement phase? Which command would you use to run authorization for all commands at the specified privilege level(n)? What are two areas in which PoE can be applied? (Choose two) Which two are benefits of installing Cisco Monitor Director at an SMB site for the partner selling the solution? (Choose two.) To avoid carrying every length of cable, lighting arrestors, and splitters when performing site surveys, engineers can outfit their survey kits with which item? Which critical issue should you account for when implementing an integrated network security management design? What is the primary purpose of SMB Smart Designs? Which two benefits will a client see from adding a Wireless LAN Controller to their Smart Business Communications System? (Choose two) Which companion switch is recommended to be installed with Cisco Smart Business Communications System? Which steps must be taken when preparing Cisco ASDM for use? A company needs to provide sitE.to-site VPN, remote access VPN, and firewall protection. Which device best supports all three functions? In a new Cisco UC520 installation, when must IP routing be configured? How are lightweight access points different than autonomous access points? Which two features are only supported when using the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) Advanced Firewall wizard and not supported when using the Cisco SDM Basic Firewall wizard? (Choose two.)