642-357 - Designing Cisco Storage Network Solutions

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Example Questions

On a Cisco MDS, which command would enable interop 2 mode? Select the best response. Which of the following is the recommended design practice for routing from Cisco MDS to remote iSCSI host subnets? What are two ways of preventing unauthorized hosts from connecting to the management interface of a Cisco MDS 9000 Family switch? (Choose two.) What MDS 9000 feature provides more efficient SAN utilization by creating hardware-based isolated environments within a single physical SAN infrastructure? An IPS module is connected through a single GE interface to an Ethernet network where the iSCSI-attached servers reside. The servers are configured with different IP subnets. What would allow the servers to be connected to the Fibre Channel targets via a single GE interface with minimum disruption? Select the best response. How does RolE.Based Access Control (RBAC) enhance manageability in an environment with VSANs? Which tool requires the Cisco Fabric Manager Server License in order to operate? What is one benefit of using VLANs with an FCIP deployment? Select the best response. What are three reasons to implement VSANs in a Fibre Channel SAN? (Choose three.) A customer is concerned about the security of its SAN. It wants to prevent unauthorized hosts and switches from connecting to the SAN fabric. Which technology should be enabled on the Cisco MDS 9000 SAN to accommodate this customer requirement? How many of the 40 fixed 10GE/FCoE/DCE ports on the Cisco Nexus 5020 Switch support 1GE connectivity? Select the best response. Your customer has implemented an IPS-8 for iSCSI connectivity to workgroup servers. How can this customer prevent unauthorized hosts from connecting to the Cisco MDS 9000 fabric through the iSCSI interfaces? A customer has four data centers within corporate headquarters. The company owns its own fiber infrastructure and has laid dark fiber in between each of the four data centers. Each of the data centers has a storage area network that includes application servers, disk arrays, and tape devices. Servers from each of the buildings require access to storage devices in different buildings. The administrator would like to design a highly resilient topology that allows for a single hop from server to storage across data centers. Which SAN topology between the data centers would best fit this requirement? During the initial set up, what is necessary to use the extended buffer credits? Select the best response. Which Cisco Nexus switch is used where servers have been deployed with VMware ESX? Select the best response. Which Cisco MDS 9500 Series feature addresses the customer requirement for five nines (99.999- percent) availability? Which statement is true concerning the Cisco MDS switch when operating in native interop mode? Which of these provides fabric-based virtualization for multiple independent software vendors? Your customer has 40 servers attached to the edge switch in a corE.edge design. Each server's average throughput is between 22 and 35 MB. How many 4 GB ISLs should be provisioned between the edge and the core, and what will the ISL oversubscription ratio be? A customer is designing a SAN to support a new OLTP application. The application requires four UNIX servers. Each server has two 2-Gbps host bus adapters and can burst up to 180 MBps. The disk array for the application has four 2-Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces. Which solution meets the design requirements of this application in the most cost-effective manner? Your customer has implemented an IPS-8 for FCIP connectivity to remote sites. How can this customer prevent unauthorized hosts from connecting to the Cisco MDS 9000 fabric through the FCIP interfaces? You are implementing an FCIP solution for SAN extension between two data centers using the Cisco MDS 9000 platform. For redundancy, there are two Metro Ethernet paths between the data centers. How can you specify the primary and secondary path for each FCIP tunnel? Your SAN environment requires redundant fabrics with redundant connectivity for 40 database hosts at 2 Gbps of throughput per host. Which two of these configurations are possible? (Choose two.) Your Cisco MDS 9509 configuration requires 2000 watts of power and is configured with two 2500W power supplies. If 110V power is provided to the switch, in which power mode does the switch operate? A customer is about to deploy a primary and secondary data center using the service provider's network to connect the data center's IP and Fibre Channel networks to connect the SAN island with FCIP tunnels. What should the service provider's equipment support to maximize the FCIP throughput with minimum overhead? Select the best response. Why would a SAN administrator configure a Fibre Channel switch to use HBA mode by enabling NPV? Select the best response. Which of the following designs would provide your customer with the highest performance and port utilization? What are three benefits of storage consolidation? (Choose three.) When designing a SAN. what is considered to be the most significant security threat? Which statement is true about LUN zoning in a heterogeneous environment? What is the definition of fan-in ratio as it applies to SANs? Which two interoperability modes are supported when attaching to a Brocade switch in native mode? (Choose two.) How are VLANs configured on a trunk link between a LAN switch and an 18/4 MSM attached to an MDS? Select the best response. A customer has 12 hosts, each capable of a sustained I/O rate of 75 MBps. The customer wants to connect these hosts to the fabric with a 32-port line card. For optimal performance what is the maximum number of hosts that should be connected to any four-port, host-optimized quad? A customer has a need to synchronously replicate data from the primary data center to a standby data center that is 30 kilometers away. The customer owns the fiber between the two data centers and uses the link for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity today. The Gigabit Ethernet connection is heavily utilized and generally remains at 90-percent utilization. The customer expects that the replication traffic will require approximately 30 MBps, and is looking for a low-cost solution. Which replication solution would you recommend? A customer has recently deployed a number of Cisco MDS 9509 Multilayer Directors in a new data center. At the time of deployment, it was discovered that 110V AC power circuits had been installed instead of the high-voltage 220V AC circuits that had been ordered. The customer decided to install one of the directors and use the 110V AC circuit. The MDS 9509 is configured with two 2500W AC power supplies. The power supplies are configured in redundant mode. What is the redundant power capacity of the MDS 9509 in this scenario? Which three applications would be best suited for a SAN rather than a NAS environment? (Choose three.) Your customer uses a custom changE.management application. The customer wants running configuration files from Cisco MDS 9000 switches to be saved automatically to an FTP server every night. How can this be accomplished? In a Cisco Nexus 5000 switch, what is the maximum number of Fibre Channel interfaces that can be installed? Select the best response. Which two modules offer full line rate on all interfaces? (Choose two.) Which option should be used to ensure the lowest possible downtime during the migration process? Select the best response. When connecting two Fibre Channel networks across an IP network, what tool would aid in setting up the proper WAN parameters? Select the best response. Which two are benefits of using a Cisco Nexus 5000 switch for server LAN and SAN connectivity if FCoE is deployed? (Choose two.) A government agency data center that is used for tax processing is located in an earthquake fault zone. A backup data center, located 300 km away, is linked to the main data center over an OC.3 connection. Which of the following provides the best solution to extend the SAN for business continuance and for support of their IP applications? What should you do to allow iSCSI hosts on multiple subnets to connect to a single GigE interface on an IPS module? What command would you execute to change the domain ID on a Cisco MDS switch? Select the best response. What are two MDS features that increase the efficiency of a multiple switch Fibre Channel fabric? (Choose two.) A customer wants to connect a McData switch to your Cisco MDS SAN. Which interop mode would you choose to maintain the maximum feature set on both sides of the SAN? Select the best response. A customer has implemented an 18/4 MSM for FCIP connectivity to remote sites. How can this customer prevent unauthorized hosts from connecting to the Cisco MDS 9000 fabric through the FCIP interfaces? Select the best response. A customer would like to deploy a low-cost solution to implement an asynchronous database.replication application across a distance of 100 kilometers. Select the lowest-cost solution that will meet the requirements.