642-356 - CSSSS - Cisco Storage Networking Solutions Support Specialist

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Example Questions

The HBA on your storage server only supports the NL_Port mode. Which interface type on the Cisco MDS 9000 Series fabric switches can support this HBA? During initial switch configuration, the administrator elects to enable full zoneset distribution. What is the impact of this choice during zoneset activation? On a Class C IP network, how many bits in the IPv4 address are used to identify the network? You are implementing an FCIP solution for SAN extension between two data centers using the Cisco MDS 9000 Series platform. For redundancy, there are two Metro Ethernet paths between the data centers. How can you specify primary and secondary paths for each FCIP tunnel? What information does the command show flogi database provide? Which license is required on switches that are going to implement LUN zoning? Which feature detects hardware faults and attempts recovery actions? Your company is planning a SAN deployment using Fibre Channel connections from a central, highly secure data center to several less secure branch offices. Which of these security features would allow you to disable all branch office switch management ports and yet still maintain the complete suite of TCP/IP-based SAN management utilities? Which two security protocols are supported in the Cisco iSCSI implementation? (Choose two.) After performing the initial switch configuration by running the setup utility, an administrator notices that ports configured to connect to other Cisco MDS 9000 switches invariably come up as E_Ports rather than TE_Ports. Which error was made at initial configuration? Which three types of network statistics can be captured with the Cisco Traffic Analyzer? (Choose three.) Choose the correct list of tasks to configure Remote Spanning. Which two features help you verify connectivity between host and storage devices? (Choose two.) Which of these Cisco Fabric Manager debugging tools can compare the current configuration with a previously saved configuration file? Which of the following tools would you use to view SCSI error count statistics? When creating an Inter-VSAN routing topology, which type of World Wide Name (WWN) must be used? Which services are supported by a Cisco SAN-OS AAA configuration? Which two of these environments suggest the use of FCIP Write Acceleration? (Choose two.) How many ports are addressable on a fabric arbitrated loop? Which Cisco MDS feature can be used to notify an administrator or call center that a serious event has occurred in the fabric? What is the default policy when defining role-based access for a VSAN? A customer would like to implement a low-cost traffic engineering solution that provides a primary data path, and a secondary data path that will only be used in the event of a failure in the primary path. Which of these solutions best meets the customer needs? What is the recommended minimum clearance between chassis when installing the Cisco MDS 9500 Series in a standard telco rack? You are asked to review the running configuration of a switch that a junior administrator has prepared to be placed in a heterogeneous SAN environment. This environment includes three different brands of Fibre Channel switches. In this particular environment, only VSAN 1 is being used. Which of these attributes suggests that the switch has been incorrectly configured? Which command would you use to determine if device aliases in VSAN 5 are configured for fabric-wide distribution? When configuring FCIP, packet fragmentation should be avoided in order to achieve optimal throughput. Fragmentation can be avoided by knowing which of the following? Which two of these logging statements are true? (Choose two.) You have set up a session to the SD_Port to enable the investigation of a problem on a particular Fibre Channel port. You need to check whether this has been correctly set up for the desired port. Which command should you use? Which feature requires the Cisco MDS 9000 Series Enterprise license? While examining the output of a show run command on the Cisco MDS 9000 Series, you notice that the statement interface GigabitEthernet2/1.2 appears in the output. What does this mean? Why would you use the fcanalyzer command? Your company has a multiswitch fabric including Switch A and Switch B. An administrator of Switch A creates the following zone set and successfully activates it: zoneset name ZoneSet1 vsan 1 zone name Zone1 vsan 1 pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:03:b6 pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:55:bb Later in the day, a second administrator creates the following zone set on Switch B: zoneset name ZoneSet2 vsan 1 zone name Zone1 vsan 1 pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:03:b6 pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:55:aa What happens when the administrator of Switch B attempts to activate ZoneSet2? A host is unable to access the storage network after its HBA is replaced. Which of these switch configurations could be preventing access? What is a benefit of enhanced zoning? A customer has reported performance degradation in the SAN. The system administrator would like to track read-write I/O and LUN use on several devices. The devices are directly connected to various switches and belong to different VSANs. The administrator wants to gather information for the last 72 hours. Which of the following Cisco MDS 9000 Series tools is needed to track SCSI I/O and LUN statistics?